Player Ratings and Analysis: Nacho Méndez Shines in Sporting’s Victory

Nacho Mndez Shines in Real Sporting Victory

By Nacho Mndez

Opinion Article

02 Oct 2023. Updated at 01:42 a.m.

The Best

Nacho Mndez, 8 points. He delivered an exceptional performance, showcasing his skills both offensively and defensively. His passing accuracy was impeccable, and he formed a formidable partnership with Roque Mesa. The goal he scored was the perfect culmination of his outstanding performance.


Rubn Yez, 6 points. Despite a few nervy moments, Yez’s contributions helped prevent the opposing team from equalizing. His defensive actions were crucial in maintaining Sporting’s lead.

Pascanu, 6 points. In his new role as a full-back, Pascanu showed great determination and made significant contributions on the flank. While he faced some challenges defensively, overall, his performance was commendable.

Insua, 8 points. Insua displayed a solid defensive game, winning crucial duels in the penalty area. His presence was instrumental in securing another clean sheet for the team.

‘Cali’ Izquierdoz, 7 points. Izquierdoz’s performance was consistent with the team’s defensive efforts. Despite lacking some spark, his experience proved valuable. Although a controversial play left some Sporting fans on edge, he ultimately made a crucial touch on the ball.

Jos ngel ‘Cote’, 7 points. Cote showcased defensive solidity and delivered several impressive crosses. His left foot played a significant role in creating attacking opportunities.


Roque Mesa, 7 points. Mesa undoubtedly stood out as the most skillful player on the field. His elegant ball control was evident, although his lack of recent starts was occasionally noticeable. Nonetheless, his contribution was vital in Sporting’s away victory.

Gaspar Campos, 3 points. While Campos provided continuity in some plays, more is expected from him, especially in front of the goal. He missed a crucial scoring opportunity.

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Hassan, 7 points. Hassan’s performance improved as the game progressed. He provided the assist for Sporting’s goal and delivered a textbook pass to Gaspar Campos. In the second half, he caused significant trouble for the opposing defense.


Juan Otero, 4 points. Otero had a disappointing offensive performance, but his defensive contributions cannot be overlooked. He made five crucial defensive actions in the opposing team’s penalty area. He always prioritizes the team’s needs.

Vctor Campuzano, 5 points. Campuzano’s passing was inconsistent. While he outperformed his Colombian counterpart in terms of goal-scoring opportunities and combination play, he needs to step up his game to secure a regular starting position.

They have also played (note based on the context of having played fewer minutes and with the match already started)

Guille Rosas, sc

Pablo García, sc

Rivera, 6 points. Rivera seamlessly continued the team’s midfield work and displayed excellent passing accuracy, even under pressure.

Dani Queipo, 5 points. Queipo’s passing was inconsistent, but he made some impactful contributions when given the opportunity. His offensive involvement decreased during Huesca’s final push.

Djuka, sc


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  1. Nacho Méndez proves his worth once again with a stellar performance in Sporting’s victory. His exceptional skills and contribution on the pitch make him an indispensable asset to the team. Well done, Nacho!

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