Play-In en la Liga MX: Definition of the Ultimate Lugares for the League of Apertura 2023

There are still available spots for the Liguilla in Liga MX. Currently, six teams have secured their place in the Fase Final del Apertura 2023, while four clubs will compete in the renovated Repechaje called Play-In next week.

What clubs will play the Play-In 2023?

The format for the Repechaje has changed this semester. Previously, four clubs would move directly to the Liguilla, while the remaining teams were eliminated in the matches of Ida and Vuelta. However, the new Play-In of Liga MX only allows four participants.

  • San Luis – 23 points (Goal difference: +5)
  • Club Leon – 23 points (Goal difference: +1)
  • Santos Laguna – 23 points (Goal difference: -3)
  • Mazatlan – 22 points (Goal difference: -2)

Liga MX starts Play-In in the Apertura 2023. Santos, San Luis, León, and Mazatlán will be the teams that play this new way.

Liga MX Play-In Format: How does it work?

Let’s explain step by step how to play the Play-In of the 2023 Opening, which is a system copied from the National Basketball Association (NBA) and introduced into the current game for the 2020-2021 season and the Liga MX last semester.

  • Four participating clubs will compete for the remaining two spots in the Liguilla.
  • A total of three matches will be played to determine the two qualifiers.
  • The participating teams will be the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th placed teams in the Regular Fase.
  • In each match, the home team will be the one that has a better position in the table after the last 17 days.
  • If there is a tie after 90 minutes, the winner will be determined by a penalty shootout.
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Play-In Matches: Who advances to Liguilla?

  • Match 1: 7th vs 8th – The winner of this match advances to the Liguilla as the 7th qualifier.
  • Match 2: 9th vs 10th – The loser of this match is eliminated.
  • Match 3: Loser of Match 1 vs Winner of Match 2 – The winner of this match advances to the Liguilla as the 8th qualifier.

Details for the Play-In matches

According to the official calendar of the Liga MX, Match 1 and Match 2 will be played on either midday of November 22 or November 23. Match 3 is scheduled to be played on either Saturday, November 25, or Sunday, November 26. The following week will mark the start of the 2023 Football League with the surviving clubs.


2 Responses

  1. The Play-In concept brings a refreshing twist to the Liga MX, offering teams the ultimate shot at securing a place in the League of Apertura 2023. This addition will undoubtedly intensify the competition and provide fans with exhilarating matches. Can’t wait to witness the battle for the ultimate lugares unfold!

  2. The Play-In format in Liga MX is a crucial step towards determining the finest contenders for the League of Apertura 2023. This system will ignite excitement and competitiveness among teams, making every match a thrilling battle for a spot in the ultimate stage. Can’t wait to witness the intense action and see which clubs emerge as the true powerhouses of the league!

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