Paraguay and Colombia promise not to keep anything in Asuncion

Paraguay‌ Prepares to Face Colombia in South American ‍Qualifiers

On April 2, 1997, the ​Paraguayan national team, known as Albirroja, achieved a remarkable victory ‍against Colombia. Led ​by ‍Brazilian ​coach Paulo César Carpegiani, Paraguay won the​ match 2-1 in a thrilling encounter that ‌saw the expulsion of Guarani goalkeeper‍ José Luis Chilavert and Colombian striker ⁤Faustino Asprilla.

Garnero’s Vision for Paraguay’s Improvement

Now, twenty-six years later, Argentine coach Daniel Garnero believes ⁤that​ his team has embraced his coaching philosophy and⁢ is‍ ready to‍ demonstrate their progress in the South American qualifiers. Garnero, who has been in ⁣charge ⁣for 40 days, will lead Paraguay against Colombia at the ‍Defensores ⁣del Chaco stadium. His tenure began with a 1-0 loss to Argentina⁢ on October 12.

“Against Colombia,‍ we won’t focus on ⁢any specific player because we need to be attentive ⁣to all our opponents. Players like Díaz can make an ‍impact with limited ​opportunities, so our strategy should be to⁤ prevent​ Luis ‍from having his best day,” emphasized the 54-year-old coach, born in‌ Lomas de Zamora.

A History ⁤of Challenges for Paraguay

Since their⁢ victory over Colombia, Paraguay has faced ‌numerous challenges.​ In the ⁣past 27 years, they have suffered five defeats⁣ and​ managed only one draw against Colombia in ⁢the⁢ qualifiers for the 2022 World⁢ Cup in Qatar.

Currently, Paraguay occupies the seventh‌ position in the standings with 5 points out of a ‌possible 15, while Colombia sits ‍in third place with 9 ‌points. Colombia’s recent victory over Brazil, with ⁢an outstanding performance by ‘Lucho’ ⁣Díaz, ​has⁣ boosted⁤ their confidence for the upcoming match.

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Colombia’s Absences and New Additions

Colombia ⁣will ⁣face Paraguay without center back Davinson Sánchez, who ⁢is⁣ suspended due to accumulating two yellow cards. Additionally, ⁢left ⁣back Deiver Machado ⁤will miss the‌ game due to an injury.

To‍ compensate⁣ for these absences, Argentine coach Néstor Lorenzo will promote Carlos Cuesta from Belgian Genk to replace Sánchez, ⁤and Cristian Borja​ from Portuguese Sporting Braga. Another​ significant change will be the ⁢return of Fluminense⁢ midfielder Jhon Arias, who served a suspension in the last⁤ match against Brazil.

Furthermore, the expulsion of ​right back ⁢Robert⁣ Rojas during ​the previous match against Chile will lead Garnero⁣ to debut the Argentine nationalized Paraguayan⁣ Juan José​ Cáceres, ⁢who ⁣currently plays for Lanús.

In the midfield, Richard Sánchez will replace Diego Gomez.

Focus ‍and Determination for Colombia

Former⁣ Colombian defender and assistant coach Néstor Lorenzo⁢ Luis Amaranto Perea ​emphasized the importance of maintaining focus and determination ​for the upcoming match against ‍Paraguay. He stated, “The players understand that the euphoria⁣ and ‍joy from the ‌victory over Brazil have passed. If ⁤we want to continue progressing,‌ we know that this⁣ match will be⁢ far from easy.”

Perea also highlighted the need to improve concentration​ in the early ‍minutes of the game, as Paraguay will come out with pressure and intensity.

Qualification ​Stakes

Out of the ten teams competing in the South American qualifiers, six will secure direct‌ qualification for the World‌ Cup in⁤ the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The seventh-placed team will‍ have a chance to compete in a playoff for an additional spot among the 48 teams participating in the 2026 World Cup.

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Probable Lineups

Paraguay: Carlos Coronel; Juan José‌ Cáceres, Gustavo Gómez, ​Omar Alderete, Matías Espinoza; ​Matías Rojas, Mathías Villasanti, Andrés Cubas, Richard Sánchez or Alejandro ⁢Romero Gamarra; Gabriel‍ Ávalos and Antonio Sanabria. Coach: ⁣Daniel⁣ Garnero

Colombia: Camilo Vargas; Daniel Muñoz, John⁣ Lucumí, Carlos Cuesta, Cristian Borja; ‌John Arias, Mateus Uribe, Kevin Castaño;⁢ Luis Díaz, James Rodríguez, and Rafael Santos Borré. Coach: Néstor Lorenzo

Referee: Venezuelan ⁢Jesús Valenzuela

Stadium: Defenders of the Chaco

Time: 8:00 PM local time (11:00 PM GMT)

Source: EFE


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  1. It’s refreshing to see Paraguay and Colombia’s commitment to transparency and openness in international relations. By promising not to keep anything in Asuncion, they are setting a positive example of trust and cooperation among nations.

  2. “Paraguay and Colombia vow to establish open, transparent relations in Asuncion. A significant step towards fostering trust and cooperation between nations.”

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