Paolo Banchero Shines as Orlando Magic Defeat Chicago Bulls in Thrilling Fashion

Ganar like Michael Jordan and in ‘holy land’, Chicago, it is not easy

But Paolo Banchero, who was number 1 in the 2022 NBA Draft and rookie of the year, continues to show his qualitative leap in the league and decided on an Orlando Magic-Chicago Bulls (94-96) as the legendary ’23’ would do. After Zach Lavine’s tie, the ‘5’ received in the final play and with his fundamentals that define him he was able to gain space with the reverse and win the clash at the horn. Crack move and a win for Magic (6-5) which are some of the best news of the start of the season. They compete and Banchero is a great leader.

Banchero scores the winning basket. – MAGIC

A winning basket built on coldness and confidence

A winning basket built between the coldness to make the decision and the confidence in its resources at the launch. Something that many young players fail to put into practice in the NBA. But Banchero did, and that is not easy for a player like Paolo Banchero. Always under scrutiny despite being number 1 in the Draft and with a controversial summer because he decided to represent the United States instead of Italy in the World Cup. “I don’t have to tell you anything,” he continued. The story is known, and the Dream Team left without a medal and Banchero without many minutes.

But he takes it a step further. Against the Bulls, he had 17 points and 9 rebounds, and averaged 18.7 points with 8 assists, and good shooting percentages (45.5% in field goals and 40% in three-pointers). Steps towards stardom. And his team’s confidence in him is sky-high. “The game changes and the players are more talented and have more intelligence. Now they are combinations of several things,” said Magic coach Jamahl Mosley in the summer.

“Paolo is a combination of Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, and Jayson Tatum”

Jamahl Mosley

“Paolo is a combination of Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, and Jayson Tatum,” he explained. Bold, clearly. “He has his passing skills, the ability to score from different positions, and the passing ability,” the coach justified about his wonder boy.

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Banchero, in the middle of the game. – ORLANDO MAGIC

Trust and belief in a promising project

That trust pays off and Banchero thrives in a project in which he believes. “He has always been there for me, being real with me at all times. He asks me to play freely, but hard, trying hard, and not being a one-sided player. It’s a blessing,” the ‘5’ confessed to ‘The Players Tribune’ about Mosley, a coach who perfectly adapts to what his player wants. In Chicago, the best proof.


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  1. Paolo Banchero’s exceptional performance propelled the Orlando Magic to a thrilling victory against the Chicago Bulls. His shining display showcased his undeniable talent and left fans in awe. The future looks bright for Banchero as he continues to make a mark on the basketball court.

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