Panama Shocks Costa Rica with 3-0 Victory in Concacaf Nations League Quarterfinals

Panama Defeats Costa Rica in Concacaf Nations League Quarterfinals

First Match Ends with 3-0 Victory for Panama

The Panama team emerged victorious in the first of two matches against Costa Rica in the Quarterfinals of the Concacaf Nations League. The match ended with a score of 3-0 in favor of Panama, with goals from Michael Amir Murillo, José Fajardo, and Cecilio Waterman.

Full Time

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Costa Rica Fans Leave the Stadium Before the Final Whistle

Disappointed with their team’s performance, Costa Rica fans started leaving the stadium before the final whistle. The early exit reflects their frustration with the outcome of the match.

The Third Goal Arrives

Panama extends their lead with a third goal. The team continues to dominate the match, leaving Costa Rica struggling to catch up.

Actions Continue

The second half of the match begins at the Ricardo Saprissa Stadium. Both teams are determined to make a comeback or maintain their lead.


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Dangerous Arrival of Costa Rica

Jimmy Marín makes a dangerous entry into the penalty area and attempts a shot with his right leg, but the ball hits the post. Costa Rica comes close to scoring but falls short.

José Fajardo Increases the Lead

Click here to see the goal by José Fajardo that extends Panama’s lead.

Minute 24′, More Panamanian Danger

Ismael Díaz creates an opportunity on the wing, but the play is disrupted by the Chamorro goalkeeper. Panama continues to pose a threat to Costa Rica’s defense.

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10 Minutes into the Game

Panama maintains pressure on the “Tico” goal, creating scoring opportunities and winning crucial fouls for set pieces.

Michael Amir Murillo Opens the Scoring

Michael Amir Murillo scores the first goal of the match. [Twitter Embed]

The Match Begins

The players have taken the field at Ricardo Saprissa Stadium to compete in the CONCACAF Nations League quarterfinal.

Panama’s National Anthem at Ricardo Saprissa

Panama’s national anthem is played at Ricardo Saprissa Stadium before the start of the match. [Twitter Embed]

Pre-Warmup on the “Tico” Field

The players are going through pre-warmup exercises on the field at Ricardo Saprissa Stadium. [Twitter Embed]

LIVE Updates

Stay tuned for live updates and commentary on the match. [Twitter Embed]

The Rival Starting XI

Check out the starting lineup of the opposing team. [Twitter Embed]

The Opponent’s Lineup

Get the latest updates on the opponent’s starting eleven. [Twitter Embed]

Panamanian Arrival

Check out the latest updates on the Panamanian team’s arrival: https://twitter.com/deportes_rpc/status/1725328120603984334

Panamanian Lineup Ready

Get the inside scoop on the Panamanian team’s lineup: https://twitter.com/deportes_rpc/status/1725326767806661075

Panamanian Dressing Room Ready


2 Responses

  1. Wow, what an upset! Panama’s stunning 3-0 victory against Costa Rica in the Concacaf Nations League Quarterfinals has certainly turned heads. Clearly, Panama came prepared and fully showcased their skills on the field. Congratulations to them on this well-deserved win!

  2. What a stunning upset! Panama’s 3-0 victory over Costa Rica in the Concacaf Nations League Quarterfinals is a clear testament to their exceptional performance. This result will surely send shockwaves through the tournament, highlighting the unpredictable nature of football. Amazing display by Panama!

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