Paco López praises Getafe and talks about Granada’s expectations

Paco López Praises Getafe’s Competitive Spirit

Paco López, the Granada coach, is gearing up to face Getafe in LaLiga EA Sports this Saturday at 6:30 p.m. In a press conference held on Friday, López spoke highly of his upcoming opponent, emphasizing that despite Getafe’s numerous draws, they could have easily secured more victories. He stated, “Bordalas’ teams are highly competitive, and winning against Getafe is a daunting task. They have had several draws that could have been wins. We are well aware of their style of play, and it poses a significant challenge for any team.”

Paco López Stresses the Importance of Focus

When asked about his team’s performance, Paco López emphasized the need for his players to remain focused. He also sent a message to Granada’s fans, stating, “Our players are intelligent and understand the importance of staying focused on the next game. We all recognize that tomorrow, the magic needs to come alive at Los Carmenes to provide us with the necessary energy.”

López outlined the key factors for the upcoming match, saying, “It’s a game that requires intelligence. I am confident that our supporters will continue to cheer us on, knowing that it won’t be an easy match. Getafe applies intense high pressure, which makes the game highly dynamic.”

Paco López Addresses Bryan Zaragoza’s Development

Paco López discussed the progress of Bryan Zaragoza, one of his players. Zaragoza was previously called up for the Spanish national team by coach Luis de la Fuente. López expressed his concern for Zaragoza’s well-being and emphasized the importance of ensuring that external factors do not affect his performance. He stated, “We are making efforts to protect him and focus on his improvement. We will try to shield him from any distractions that may arise.”

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The week in Granada was overshadowed by their elimination from the Copa del Rey due to improper alignment. Despite this setback, Paco López remains hopeful for a change in fortunes. While acknowledging the decision made by the Committee, he stated, “I trust that the club is doing everything within its power. It is disheartening to win on the field and lose in the offices. However, we have faith that justice will prevail.”

Paco López also addressed the situation of another key player, Israeli striker Weissman, and the ongoing conflict in his home country. He expressed his concern for Weissman and all those affected by the war, stating, “We are deeply troubled by the unrest caused by the conflict. As advocates for peace, we naturally feel uneasy. Regarding the suspension of the match, we never even considered it as an option.”


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  1. “Paco López’s praise for Getafe highlights their impressive performance, but his discussion about Granada’s expectations leaves us eager to see how the team will rise to the occasion. Exciting times ahead!”

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