Pablo Maffeo: The Spanish Full-Back Who Could Join Argentina’s National Team

Argentina’s Scouting Work Pays Off: Pablo Maffeo Could Join National Team

Pablo Maffeo, a Spanish full-back, is rumored to be summoned by Lionel Scaloni to join the Argentine national team. Argentina’s deep scouting work has been successful in recent years, with the emergence of talented players like Alejandro Garnacho, Nico Paz, and Luka Romero. Now, the team could potentially add another member to their world champion squad.

Spanish Media Reports Maffeo’s Possible Call-Up

According to Spanish media outlet Relief, Pablo Maffeo, who currently plays for Mallorca, “will be summoned in the coming days” by the Argentine national team for their upcoming qualifying matches against Uruguay and Brazil.

A Unique Background

Maffeo, born 26 years ago in Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona, has an interesting background. Despite being Spanish, he has the option to play for the Italian national team due to his father’s nationality or for Argentina based on his mother’s birthplace. Although he has represented Spain in the youth teams, he has not yet had the opportunity to play for the senior team.

Scaloni’s Interest and the Bureaucratic Procedure

Lionel Scaloni, the coach of the Argentine national team, has shown interest in Maffeo. During a preview of a Mallorca match against Barcelona, Scaloni acknowledged Maffeo’s Argentine roots and praised his skills. However, Maffeo’s potential call-up is dependent on the resolution of a bureaucratic procedure. If the paperwork is resolved in the next few hours, he will be part of the team. Otherwise, his call-up will remain uncertain until the next Copa América.

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Maffeo’s Sporting Career and Current Situation

Maffeo started his career at Manchester City and later had loan spells at Girona, where he impressed by containing Lionel Messi in a league match. He has also played for Stuttgart in the German Bundesliga and Huesca in Spain before joining Mallorca. Currently, the Argentine national team has a strong right-back position, but injuries to players like Gonzalo Montiel have left the right lane unprotected, creating an opportunity for Maffeo.

Argentina’s Scouting Process

Argentina has been conducting a thorough scouting process in recent years, which has resulted in the discovery of talented players from various clubs around the world. Maffeo’s potential call-up would be in line with this strategy, as the national team aims to secure promising players for the future.

Scaloni’s Previous Considerations

Throughout his tenure, Scaloni has considered several right-back options, but many of them were not called up again. Maffeo’s consistent performances for Mallorca make him a strong candidate for the national team. He has made 83 appearances for the club, scoring 3 goals.


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  1. It’s great to see Pablo Maffeo’s versatility and talent catching the attention of Argentina’s national team. His potential addition to their squad would surely bring a fresh dimension to their full-back position.

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