Overview of the teams for the last day of Apertura 2023

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Nov 12, 2023, 01:27 ET

Looking Ahead to the Final Day of Apertura 2023 Tournament

As the Apertura 2023 tournament nears its conclusion, let’s take a closer look at the 18 teams that will face each other on the last day. After the Court of Sports Arbitration (TAS) decision to return three points to Puebla for the case of improper alignment against the Xolos de Tijuana, the Liga MX table and the play-in stage of the Opening 2023 have been reshaped.

With the modifications to the general table, Cruz Azul has been eliminated, while Puebla, previously outside the play-in stage, now has a chance to secure a direct spot in the league. This article presents the updated panorama of the play-in stage and the league following the CAS decision.

Teams Qualified for the Quarterfinals

America (1)

Monterrey (2)

Tigers (3)

Cougars (4)

Chivas (5)

Atlético de San Luis (6)

Teams in the Play-In Stage

Saints (7) vs. Mazatlan FC (8)

Puebla (9) vs. Pachuca (10)

Overview of the Teams for Matchday 17


América secured a direct spot in the quarterfinals a couple of days ago but fell short of surpassing the historical record of 41 points earned in a short tournament with 18 teams. They drew 0-0 with Tigres and finished with 40 points.


The royal team played a goalless draw against Querétaro and secured the second place in the Apertura 2023 standings.


Tigres, with a direct ticket to the quarterfinals, claimed the third place overall after a goalless draw with América.

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Chivas settled in fifth place in the classification after their defeat against Pumas.


The Cougars defeated Chivas, taking away their fourth place position and securing it for themselves to end the tournament.

Atlético de San Luis

Despite their defeat against Santos, the club from Potosí remains in the direct Liguilla zone. However, a victory for Puebla over Cruz Azul and/or a victory for León against FC Juárez could push them down to the Play-In stage.


Santos defeated Atlético de San Luis, rose to seventh place, and secured a place in the Play-In stage. Their final position will depend on the results of Puebla and León in their matches against Cruz Azul and FC Juárez, respectively.

Mazatlan FC

The cannon team defeated Toluca and claimed the seventh place overall. However, their position is still uncertain as it depends on the results of Puebla, León, Tijuana, and Santos Laguna. They could potentially drop a few places or even be left out if these four teams win their matches.


Puebla, currently ninth in line with 22 points, received three additional points due to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (TAS) ruling on an alleged improper alignment by Tijuana during a match in Matchday 7. A hypothetical victory against Cruz Azul would elevate them to sixth place in the general table, pushing Atlético de San Luis to the Play-In stage. In case of a draw, Puebla would reach 23 points and exchange places with Mazatlán FC, but their final position would depend on the result of León’s match. A defeat would leave them in ninth place but without the risk of elimination.

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Next game: Cruz Azul (Away)


The Tuzos defeated the Xolos in Tijuana and currently occupy a spot in the Play-In stage, but their position depends on other results.




The ‘Fiera’ is in twelfth place with 20 points. A hypothetical victory against FC Juárez would place them in seventh position, tied with Mazatlán FC on 23 points but with a better goal difference. If Puebla fails to beat Cruz Azul and remains at 22 points, León could secure direct qualification to the quarterfinals by surpassing Atlético de San Luis with a significant victory margin. However, their fate ultimately depends on the results of the other teams involved in the Play-In stage.

Next match: FC Juárez (Home)



FC Juarez




Cruz Azul






g>0-0 (4-3 on penalties)

MALLORA (2nd Division)-Langreo (2nd RFEF Division) 1-0


CARTAGENA (2nd Division)-Reus (3rd RFEF) 3-0

Girona (2nd Division)- Las Rozas (2nd RFEF Division) 1-0

MURCIA (2nd Division RFEF)-Córdoba (2nd Division) 1-0

ELCHE (1st Division)-Alcorcón (2nd Division) 2-1

Eibar (2nd Division)- Albacete (2nd Division RFEF) 1-0


Amorebieta (RFEF 2nd Division)- Fuenlabrada (2nd Division) 0-0 (4-1 on penalties)

Leioa (RFEF 2nd Division)-Barakaldo (RFEF 2nd Division) 0-2

CADIZ (1st Division)-Compostela (2nd RFEF Division) 1-0

Izarra (1st RFEF)- REAL SOCIEDAD (1st Division) 0-4


SPORTING GIJON (1st Division)-Rayo Vallecano (1st Division) 2-1

Ferrol (2nd Division RFEF)- ALAVES (1st Division) 0-3

ALBACETE BALOMPIE (2nd Division RFEF)-Lugo (2nd Division) 1-1 (3-2 on penalties)

Fuenlabrada (2nd Division)- SEVILLA (1st Division) 3-2


REAL VALLADOLID (1st Division)-Leganes (1st Division) 2-2 (5-3 on penalties)

PONFERRADINA (2nd Division)-Cádiz (1st Division) 0-0 (5-6 on penalties)

Mirandés (2nd Division)- SEVILLA (1st Division) 0-1


Hospitalet (RFEF 2nd Division)- VALENCIA (1st Division) 0-3

VILLARREAL (1st Division)-Zamora (3rd RFEF) 1-2

BARCELONA (1st Division)-Tudelano (1st RFEF) 4-0

ALAVES (1st Division)- Sabadell (1st Division RFEF) 0-2

ALMERIA (2nd Division)-Valencia (1st Division) 1-1 (4-3 on penalties)

LUIS SUÑER (RFEF 2nd Division)- ALCORCON (2nd Division) 1-2

TORRE LEVANTE (2nd Division RFEF)- ALBACETE (2nd Division RFEF) 2-2 (4-5 on penalties)

REAL SOCIEDAD (1st Division)-Racing Murcia (3rd RFEF) 3-0

EIBAR (2nd Division)- MAJADAHONDA (2nd Division RFEF) 2-0

GETAFE (1st Division)- CATLYA (2nd Division RFEF) 2-0

Fights and expulsions: two games of brutal violence in the same weekend

Football made the news in Spain again, but this time not because of the performances on the field, but because of the altercations and violent attitudes that occurred in two matches of different categories.

In the RFEF Second Division match between Albacete Balompié and Club Deportivo Lugo, there were moments of extreme tension during regulation time and overtime. There were several confrontations between players and several were sent off.

On the other hand, in the RFEF Third Division match between Luis Suñer and Alcorcón, there were also fights and expulsions. However, in this case, the violence even moved to the benches, where there were pushes and hits between members of the coaching staff.

Both parties are being investigated by the disciplinary committees of their respective federations, and it is expected that exemplary measures will be taken to prevent this type of incident from happening again.


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  1. “Exciting to see the strengths and weaknesses of each team on the last day of Apertura 2023! It’s been a thrilling season, and I can’t wait to see who comes out on top.”

  2. “The Apertura 2023 has been an exciting journey, and the teams on the last day are leaving no stone unturned. As they gear up for a thrilling finale, let’s see which teams will rise and mark their name in this season’s history.”

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