Olympiacos presents protest to Euroleague over alleged error in Fenerbahçe defeat


Updated 03/11/2023 10:20 CET

Olympiacos Files Protest with Euroleague Over Referee Error

The Greek basketball team, Olympiacos, has lodged a formal protest with the Euroleague regarding an alleged referee error that they claim led to their defeat against Fenerbahce. In a closely contested match, Fenerbahce emerged victorious with a narrow 79-77 scoreline after the referees failed to call a foul on Nigel Williams-Goss in the final seconds, which could have sent the game into overtime.

“Olympiacos urges the Euroleague to take a clear stance on the absence of Nigel Williams-Goss during the crucial phase of the match against Fenerbahce. The referees’ incorrect application of the rules determined the outcome of the game against us,” stated the official statement from the Piraeus team.

Williams-Goss made a drive towards the basket in the closing moments of the game, and Yam Madar attempted to steal the ball, making contact with Williams-Goss’s arm. However, the referees did not penalize Madar’s action as a foul. The replay clearly shows the contact, but the foul was not called. As a result, Williams-Goss missed his layup, and Nikola Milutinov’s subsequent tap-in also failed, sealing the victory for the home team.

“I believe the referees played a significant role. The final foul on Williams-Goss was evident,” commented Georgios Bozikas, assistant coach to Georgios Bartzokas.

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2 Responses

  1. It is important for the sport’s integrity that every decision is fair and accurate. Olympiacos’ protest showcases their commitment to upholding these principles and highlights the need for transparency in the Euroleague.

  2. It’s essential for fair play that Olympiacos has lodged a formal protest against the alleged error in Fenerbahçe’s defeat. The Euroleague must thoroughly investigate the matter to uphold the integrity of the competition.

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