Oliver Sonne: Danish Footballer Targeted by Extortion Gang

Oliver Sonne, a Danish footballer, made the decision to leave the comfort of Denmark and join the Peruvian national team. Little did he know that this move would disrupt his tranquility and, more importantly, compromise his safety, as he became a victim of extortion.

Indeed, the rise in crime rates has reached its peak in our country, and it recently hit close to home when a video surfaced, revealing Oliver Sonne’s name on the list of victims targeted by the notorious gang known as ‘Los lagartos del terror’.

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‘Domingo al Día’ reported that Oliver Sonne’s WhatsApp number was leaked and fell into the hands of a criminal gang specialized in harassing and extorting well-known YouTubers and influencers.

However, this criminal group, also known as Odarteam in the deep web, decided to expand their reign of terror to various congressmen of the Republic and now, even to our new football player.

Among the victims of extortion are legislators Vivian Olivos and Patricia Juárez Gallegos, both members of the Fuerza Popular political party, who reported paying 10,000 monthly soles to the gang.

At this time, Oliver Sonne has not made any public statements regarding the extortion. However, Colonel José Carpio, head of the PNP’s security division, announced that the gang responsible for the extortion has been dismantled.