Norma Palafox leaves Cruz Azul to Join FC Juárez

Norma Palafox to Depart from Cruz Azul

After her stint at Cruz Azul during Clausura 2023, it has been revealed that Norma Palafox will be joining FC Juarez in the near future, according to reliable sources obtained by RECORD.

A Missed Opportunity for Glory

During her time with the celestial team, Palafox was unable to secure any championship titles, despite her notable contributions on the field.

Uncertainty for Chivas, Pachuca, and Atlas

This move leaves Chivas, Pachuca, and Atlas in a state of uncertainty, as they were reportedly interested in acquiring Palafox’s talents. Her previous success as a champion with Chivas in 2017 adds to the disappointment felt by the Rebaño Sagrado.

A Promising Performance in Apertura 2023

In the Apertura 2023 season, Palafox participated in 17 matches, starting in 12 of them, accumulating a total of 1,041 minutes on the field and scoring three goals.

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  1. “Exciting news for FC Juárez as they secure the talented Norma Palafox! Her skills and determination will undoubtedly strengthen the team. Good luck to both Palafox and FC Juárez in their future endeavors!”

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