Neymar Faces Lawsuit for Exploiting Former Household Employee

Exploitation Allegations Against Neymar: Former Domestic Worker Seeks Compensation

The Brazilian soccer star Neymar has been accused of “hidden work” by a former domestic worker who served at his previous residence in Bougival, near Paris, for a year and a half. The worker, a Brazilian woman, has filed a complaint in a labor court and is seeking 368,000 euros in compensation, according to the French newspaper Le Parisien.

Violation of Labor Laws and Inhumane Treatment

Neymar allegedly subjected the worker to deplorable working conditions and violated basic labor laws between January 2021 and October 2022, as stated by the worker’s lawyers Caroline Toby and Vincent Champetie. They argue that the worker, who did not have a residence permit, was employed part-time but should have been classified as a full-time employee due to the number of hours worked.

The lawyers expressed their disappointment in Neymar’s lack of compassion, especially when he evicted the worker from her home just days before she gave birth prematurely, despite her complaints of pain. They also accused Neymar of blatantly disregarding legal protections related to motherhood.

Dismissal and Dire Consequences

The worker’s dismissal after giving birth left her in a state of destitution, exacerbated by her lack of registration with social services. The lawyers stated that they are considering pursuing the case in criminal court after seeking justice in the labor jurisdiction.

Work Duties and Supporting Evidence

The worker initially assisted Neymar during his 27th birthday party in February 2019 and later became a kitchen assistant. Since January 2021, she has been permanently employed by the soccer player. Her tasks ranged from cleaning to providing nail services to Bruna Biancardi, the partner of another soccer player.

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The lawsuit is supported by exchanged messages between the worker and Neymar’s personal assistant, which serve as evidence of her employment at the player’s residence. The worker documented her working hours in a notebook, even though she did not receive a payslip. She worked 9 hours a day from Monday to Thursday, 6 hours on Fridays and Saturdays, and 7 hours on Sundays. The hourly rate was 15 euros, which doubled on holidays.

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  1. Wow, it’s disheartening to see even popular celebrities like Neymar facing such serious allegations. Exploitation should never be tolerated, and I hope justice prevails for the former household employee.

  2. It is disheartening to see someone of Neymar’s stature facing such allegations. If found guilty, it highlights the importance of treating all employees with respect and fairness, regardless of their profession or background. Justice must prevail.

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