NBA Punishes Warriors and Timberwolves Players After Violent Brawl: Draymond Green Suspended 5 Games, Others Fined $25,000

The NBA’s Official Sanctions

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has swiftly taken action in response to the regrettable altercation that occurred between the Golden State Warriors and the Minnesota Timberwolves. After careful consideration of each player’s involvement, the league has announced the official sanctions.

Draymond Green, the central figure in the incident for his actions against Rudy Gobert, has been handed a suspension. The Warriors’ power forward will be unavailable for the next five games, as he engaged in an unsportsmanlike and dangerous act by grabbing Gobert by the neck. This suspension serves as a consequence for Green’s repeated involvement in such actions, as stated by Joe Dumars, the Executive Vice President of the NBA.

Additionally, Klay Thompson, Jaden McDaniels, and Rudy Gobert have each been fined $25,000. Thompson and McDaniels, representing the Warriors and Timberwolves respectively, were penalized for instigating the fight. Gobert, the French player from Minnesota, received a sanction for joining the conflict and grabbing Thompson.

As a result of his suspension, Draymond Green will miss upcoming games against Oklahoma City, as well as matchups with Houston, Phoenix, and San Antonio. Green is expected to return to the court on Tuesday, November 28, when the Warriors face the Sacramento Kings in the NBA In-Season Tournament.

The Repeat Offender: Draymond Green

This recent incident is not the first time Draymond Green has found himself at the center of controversy. Last year, the Warriors’ power forward punched Jordan Poole during the preseason and was ejected from a playoff series against the Kings for stepping on Sabonis while the Lithuanian player was on the ground.

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Furthermore, Green was expelled from a recent game against the Cavaliers after striking Donnovan Mitchell. It appears that Green has not learned from his past actions and shows no intention of doing so. As time goes on, he continues to detract from the interests of the Golden State Warriors rather than contribute.


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  1. It’s unfortunate to see a violent brawl overshadowing the talent and skill displayed on the court. The NBA’s swift action sends a clear message about the importance of sportsmanship and maintaining the integrity of the game. Hopefully, all involved players will take this as a lesson and strive towards a more respectful and peaceful competition.

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