Movistar Estudiantes Secures Sixth Consecutive Victory with Dominant Second Half Performance

November 19, 2023

Victory at the WiZink Center decided in a great second half.

Movistar Estudiantes Triumphs Over Hestia Menorca at WiZink Center

Movistar Estudiantes returned to the WiZink Center to face Hestia Menorca, a team that boasts several former students among its ranks. The match held a special significance for Movistar Estudiantes fans as they witnessed familiar faces such as Javier Zamora, Lipe, Emil Stoilov, Víctor Arteaga, Alex Tamayo, and Pablo Suárez playing against their beloved team.

The starting lineup for Movistar Estudiantes consisted of Wintering, Alonso, Murphy, Carrera, and Larsen. However, the team struggled to find their offensive rhythm in the first quarter, relying heavily on Michael Carrera’s free throws for points. Hestia Menorca managed to equalize the score with a successful three-pointer by Lo. The first quarter ended with a score of 17-15.

The second quarter saw Movistar Estudiantes adapting to Hestia Menorca’s style of play, which typically results in fewer points. Johnny Dee and Francis Alonso played a crucial role in maintaining the team’s lead on the scoreboard, allowing them to finish the quarter with a slight advantage. The score stood at 32-25.

During halftime, Francis Alonso remarked, “Their players are playing a lot of minutes, and we hope to tire them out.” His prediction proved accurate as Alec Wintering delivered an impressive performance, leaving Hestia Menorca struggling to contain him. This, combined with a strong team effort, resulted in a commanding +18 lead for Movistar Estudiantes at the end of the third quarter, with a score of 58-40.

In the final quarter, Hestia Menorca attempted to mount a comeback, but Movistar Estudiantes remained in control, showcasing their strengths on the court. Toms Leimanis played a pivotal role, scoring 7 points in the last quarter and contributing to Movistar Estudiantes’ decisive 81-56 victory.

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This win marked Movistar Estudiantes’ sixth consecutive victory, although it may not have been the most aesthetically pleasing match with a slow-paced first half and limited scoring. Nevertheless, it was an important triumph that keeps them in contention for top positions in the league.

Movistar Estudiantes will have another home game next weekend on November 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the WiZink Center against UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto.

The Numbers

Movistar Students (17-15-26-23)

Wintering (16), Alonso (11), Murphy (5), Carrera (14), and Larsen (2) – starting quintet – Leimanis (7), Sola (4), Dee (8), Suárez (5), Nzosa (4), López (5), and Rodríguez (-).


The WiZink Center welcomed 9,231 spectators.

Press Conference

The MVP: Michael Carrera

Michael Carrera was named the Most Valuable Player of the game for Movistar Estudiantes. He contributed 14 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, and achieved a Player Impact Rating (PIR) of 22. Other notable performances include Alec Wintering (18 rating) and Francis Alonso (16 rating).


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  1. Movistar Estudiantes’ winning streak continues! Their dominant second-half performance showcases their resilience and determination. Congratulations to the team on their sixth consecutive victory!

  2. Impressive win for Movistar Estudiantes! Their dominant second-half performance shows their determination and strong team cohesion. Six consecutive victories speak volumes about their consistency and potential. Keep it up!

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