Mother of Four Claims 368,000 Euros from Neymar for Hidden Labor

Mother of Four Demands €368,000 from Neymar for Hidden Work

A mother of four children, who had been employed for nearly two years at Neymar’s residence in Bougival (Yvelines), has come forward to discuss her dismissal. She is now demanding €368,000 from the former PSG player for undisclosed work.

A Shocking Revelation

In an exclusive interview, a former employee of Neymar’s villa in Bougival (Yvelines) has taken legal action against the Brazilian football star, seeking €368,000 in compensation for unreported work. The 35-year-old Brazilian woman was terminated from her position in October 2022, while she was pregnant with her fourth child.

An Unfair Dismissal

The woman revealed the details surrounding her sudden dismissal. “The secretary called me and said, ‘Here is your salary, you don’t need to come anymore, sort out your private life.’ They instructed me to collect my payment from the security agent at the main entrance. I was left without any support. They even cut off my electricity for a week,” explained the single mother, as quoted by UOL.

Exploitation and Unpaid Overtime

Upon arriving in Paris in 2018 with her ex-husband and their three children, the woman secured a job at Neymar’s villa through a friend. “I was responsible for cleaning, making beds, and all other housekeeping tasks. Additionally, I was expected to assist anyone in need while the household was running. I even did the nails of Neymar’s son’s mother, Carol Dantas. On one occasion, I was cleaning the gym when I was asked to stop and do Bruna’s (Biancardi) nails,” she revealed.

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Despite financial difficulties, she agreed to work longer hours at the villa. “During weekends, I worked through the night. As I had to return early the next morning, I slept there. However, I never received any overtime pay for those nights. I simply followed their instructions,” she added.

Seeking Resolution

The plaintiff’s legal team attempted to reach an amicable agreement with the 31-year-old player, who is currently injured. However, the registered letter she sent to him in June went unanswered. Day Crespo, one of Neymar’s communication representatives, stated to Le Parisien that the player had not even been informed about the letter. Nevertheless, the law firm asserts that the letter was indeed signed by Neymar at his residence in Bougival.

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  1. Wow, that’s an eye-opening claim! Neymar certainly has some explaining to do if this mother of four is owed such a substantial amount for hidden labor. Curious to see how this case unfolds.

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