More than 140 athletes participated in a judo competition at the Jigoro Club

Over 140 Athletes Participate in ⁤Oriental Pre-Children Judo Festival

More than 140​ athletes ⁢showcased their skills and determination at the Oriental Pre-Children Judo Festival, held at the prestigious‍ Jigoro Club. The event, which commenced ‍on Friday the 17th and ​concluded on Saturday, November 18, took place in Puerto ⁤Ordaz.

A Gathering of⁤ Judo Exponents

The Jigoro judo club, situated in Unare, played host to this thrilling competition. Athletes from Monagas, Anzoátegui,⁢ Sucre, and the host state enthusiastically participated, creating an atmosphere of fierce competition and camaraderie.

Kilmar Campos, the president of the Bolívar‍ State‍ Judo Association, expressed his ​admiration for the eastern⁤ seedbed that gathered ‌at the festival.⁢ He also announced that recreational⁢ activities would be organized to celebrate the conclusion⁢ of the⁤ competition.

Prestigious Figures Attend the Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony ⁤of the Oriental Pre-Children Judo Festival was graced by the presence of María Soto, the president of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, ⁣and Katiuska Santaella,⁤ the president‌ of the Venezuelan Judo Federation.

Soto expressed her delight at ​witnessing ‌a large number of athletes engaging in​ “the sport that has brought joy to⁤ countless children and young people.” ​Santaella, on the other hand, commended the Bolívar State Judo Association for their dedicated‌ efforts in promoting the sport and extended her gratitude​ for organizing such ⁤a remarkable festival.

Recognitions ​and Appreciation

During the festival’s inauguration, the Bolívar​ State Judo Association took ⁢the opportunity to ‍honor⁢ the presidents of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee and the Venezuelan Judo⁣ Federation ‍for their invaluable contributions to the sport.

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Additionally, special​ recognition was bestowed upon athletes Sergio Mattey, Amarantha ​Urdaneta, and the members of the Bolívar state team, who ‍emerged victorious in the first category National Championship.

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  1. It’s inspiring to see so many athletes coming together to compete in the judo competition at the Jigoro Club. This event truly showcases the dedication and passion of these athletes. Well done to all participants!

  2. It’s inspiring to see such a high number of athletes participating in the judo competition at the Jigoro Club. This event not only showcases their dedication to the sport but also promotes a strong sense of community among judo enthusiasts. Well done to all the participants!

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