Moldavia: El Milagro Futbolístico en Marcha hacia la Eurocopa 2024

Moldavia’s Journey to Eurocopa 2024

Witness the historic moment in Moldavian football history as the national team faces the Republica Checa in Olomuc (20.45). Serghei Clecenco’s words are clear: if they win, they secure a spot in Eurocopa 2024. The miraculous dream of Moldavia can become a reality. The adjective “miraculous” is not an exaggeration.

Moldavia, ranked 157th in the world and trailing only Andorra, Malta, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, and San Marino in Europe, is a classic underdog in continental tournaments. However, they aim to prove their worth and secure a place in UEFA and FIFA rankings.

From Liga D… to Eurocopa?

Moldavia’s surprise lies in their journey from Liga D to Eurocopa. Despite participating in the lowest division of the Nations League, they managed to accumulate 7 points in Europe. Unfortunately, they couldn’t secure promotion. Moldavia finds themselves in a group alongside Letona, Andorra, and Liechtenstein, with hopes of qualifying for the major European tournament. However, their chances were dashed due to goal difference against Letona in Liga C.

A Moldavian flag during a political party – DUMITRU DORU/EFE

Moldavia’s classification for the major tournament of the Old Continent is a testament to their ranking and global position in the world Nations League, where they stand 51st out of 54 participants. They even surpassed Poland in the rankings. In a remarkable match last June, Moldavia turned the tables on Poland with three second-half goals, securing a 3-2 victory. Since then, they haven’t lost any qualifying matches, including a 1-1 draw against Poland.

A Legend at the Helm

The miraculous journey of Moldavia turning into reality is largely attributed to the efforts of Serghei Clecenco, who has been the Moldavian national team coach since 2021. Clecenco, a former player with 11 appearances in 69 internationals, is the second-highest scorer in the team’s history. Now, he has the opportunity to lead Moldavia to Eurocopa, becoming one of the few European selections to achieve such a feat.

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Baboglo celebrated his goal against Albania – DUMITRU DORU/EFE

Moldavia’s miracle continues as they face the Czech Republic, with players like Nicolaescu, who has experience playing in a top European league team (Heerenveen). Let the dreams never fade.


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  1. “Sin duda, Moldavia está dejando su huella en el mundo del fútbol. Con su determinación y talento, están demostrando que los sueños pueden convertirse en realidad. ¡Vamos Moldavia, rumbo a la Eurocopa 2024!”

  2. “¡Moldavia sorprende al mundo del fútbol con su impresionante camino hacia la Eurocopa 2024! Un verdadero milagro en marcha que demuestra que el talento y la dedicación pueden superar cualquier obstáculo. ¡Felicidades a la selección de Moldavia y su hazaña futbolística!”

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