Millonarios’ Latest News: Injuries and Changes for Upcoming Matches

The Bogota Club Emerges Victorious Against National

Photo: Jaiver Nieto Álvarez / ETCE

National sv. Millionarios.

National 0-1 Millionarios: A Hard-Fought Victory

The Millionaires secured their second consecutive win in the quadrangular B group, defeating National with a narrow 0-1 scoreline. However, the victory did not come easy.

Now, the focus shifts to the upcoming Copa Betplay, where the green team will be aiming for another title. The tournament is set to kick off at the El Campin stadium.

Team Updates

Sander Navaro, who has been nursing a minor injury since the semifinals against Cúcuta, is not included in the squad. Daniel Catano, who suffered a muscular injury in the match against National, will require a few months to recover.

Goalkeepers Álvaro Montero and Juan Pablo Vargas are absent from the squad due to their national team commitments with Colombia and Costa Rica, respectively. Alex Moreno Paz has been called up as a replacement for Vargas.

The Bogota team had a training session on Tuesday morning before taking a mandatory break for lunch. They will have a team talk with coach Alberto Gamero and psychologist Mackalister Silva later in the afternoon, followed by an official press conference.

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  1. It’s disappointing to hear about Millonarios’ injuries and changes for their upcoming matches. Hopefully, the team can overcome these challenges and put up a strong performance on the field. Good luck to them!

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