Miguel Ángel Ramírez’s Press Conference on Sporting Gijón’s Draw Against SD Amorebieta

Miguel Angel Ramrez Real Sporting

Press conference

Nov 12, 2023. Updated at 02:07 a.m.

Declarations of Miguel Angel Ramrez, technician of Real Sporting Gijn

In a press conference held after the Asturian team’s draw against SD Amorebieta at the press room of El Molinn – Enrique Castro ‘Quini’, Miguel Angel Ramrez, the coach of Real Sporting Gijn, shared his thoughts:

Individual Level Communication

Ramrez revealed that he had individual conversations with the players, emphasizing the importance of accepting mistakes and not putting excessive pressure on themselves. He specifically mentioned Rubn Yez and Juan Otero, advising them to focus on consistent effort rather than weekly performance.

Missed Opportunities

Reflecting on the match, Ramrez acknowledged that the team had several chances to score but failed to convert them. He highlighted the need for patience against a defensively organized opponent like SD Amorebieta and recognized the risk of leaving spaces open in pursuit of goals.

Challenges Faced

Ramrez admitted that the game was challenging due to SD Amorebieta’s defensive approach, which made it difficult for Real Sporting Gijn to create scoring opportunities. He emphasized the importance of efficiency in front of the goal and acknowledged the trade-off between defensive control and attacking prowess.

Tactical Adjustments

The coach explained that the team made adjustments to their defensive strategy, aiming to invite SD Amorebieta to attack and exploit the spaces left behind. He mentioned Gaspar’s repositioning to enhance his attacking contributions and praised the team’s overall performance, highlighting their confidence and commitment.

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Positive Outlook

Ramrez expressed his happiness and optimism regarding the team’s progress and their performance in training sessions. He emphasized the importance of consistent effort and believed that the team deserved better results based on their dedication and improvement.

Focus on Players, Not Referees

The coach emphasized his focus on supporting and guiding his players rather than getting distracted by referee decisions. He acknowledged the versatility and impact of Gaspar in different attacking positions and praised his teammates for their collective effort in scoring goals.

Appreciation for Fans

Ramrez expressed his gratitude towards the fans and their unwavering support. He mentioned the joy and excitement they bring to the team and expressed his desire to reward them with victories. He also highlighted the maturity and growth of Gaspar as a player.

Adapting to Opponent’s Approach

Ramrez acknowledged the challenges posed by SD Amorebieta’s defensive approach but remained confident in the team’s ability to create chances and overcome such tactics. He emphasized the importance of results and the team’s ability to adapt and resolve different challenges.


2 Responses

  1. “Coach Ramírez remains positive after Sporting Gijón’s draw against SD Amorebieta, highlighting the team’s resilience and determination. Looking forward to seeing how they bounce back in their upcoming matches.”

  2. “Ramírez’s press conference after Sporting Gijón’s draw against SD Amorebieta provided valuable insights into the team’s performance and the challenges faced. It was evident that the coach is taking a proactive approach to address the areas that need improvement. Exciting to see the determination and commitment of both the coach and the players in striving for better results in the future.”

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