Medellín experiences the Buen Comienzo Festival

The Juan Pablo II Airport Welcomes Families to the Good Beginning Festival

The Juan Pablo II Airport is ⁣opening its doors to all families from Medellín for the highly anticipated Good Beginning Festival.‌ This exciting event ⁤will take place on Saturday, November 11 ⁤and Sunday, November 12, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and admission is free.

A Festival for ​the City of Dreams

The 13th edition of the festival, aptly named “The City of Dreams,” aims to attract ⁣a crowd of at‍ least 70,000 people. This festival is specifically designed to provide the‌ best experiences for the children ​of Medellín.

A Weekend of Fun and Learning

At the Juan Pablo II Airport, attendees can look ‍forward to a wide range of educational activities and games that promise lots of fun. The park’s common areas ‌will be open for everyone to enjoy, creating a weekend dedicated to early ⁢childhood.

An Invitation to All Families

“I extend a ⁢special invitation to all the families of Medellín. The doors of our Buen Comienzo Festival are now open. We have meticulously designed spaces for children to‍ explore. This 13th edition ⁤draws inspiration from ⁢art, science, and technology, creating fantastic worlds that stimulate ⁤the‍ senses and ⁢imagination of all attendees. Don’t miss out; come together as a family,” said Diana⁤ Escobar, the deputy director of the Buen Comienzo Special Administrative Unit.

Interactive Rooms and Vibrant Realities

Attendees will ‌have the opportunity to explore ​over 15 interactive rooms inspired ⁤by enchanting worlds. These rooms will provide sensory ​experiences and stimulate the imagination, ⁣helping to⁤ transform the dreams of ‍boys and girls into vibrant realities.

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  1. I had the pleasure of attending the Buen Comienzo Festival in Medellín, and it was truly a remarkable experience. The festival showcased the city’s commitment to early childhood development, providing a platform for parents, educators, and community members to come together and celebrate. With engaging activities, informative workshops, and inspiring performances, Medellín proves once again that investing in children’s futures is key to building a thriving society. Well done, Medellín!

  2. The Buen Comienzo Festival in Medellín is an incredible celebration of early childhood development, demonstrating the city’s commitment to providing quality education and nurturing environments for its youngest citizens. It is heartwarming to see such dedication to the well-being and future of children.

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