Match Recap: Athletic Club defeats Villarreal CF in a thrilling LaLiga EA Sports match

Athletic Club’s Victory Against Villarreal CF de Pacheta

After a successful debut in the Cup against UE Rubí and donning the 125th Anniversary shirt, Ernesto Valverde’s Athletic Club paid a visit to Villarreal CF de Pacheta at the La Cerámica Stadium on the twelfth day of LALIGA EA Sports. Despite missing key players such as Yeray Álvarez, Raúl García, Ander Herrera, and Yuri Berchiche, the Bilbao team emerged victorious with a score of 2-3 (23) in a match officiated by Cuadra Fernández and Hernández Maeso (VAR).

In a report by ElDesmarque Bizkaia, we highlight the performance of the red and white players who initially led with a 0-3 score but had to fight hard to secure the win.

Aitor Paredes against Villarreal at La Cerámica
Aitor Paredes against Villarreal at La Cerámica (Photo: LaLiga)

Unai Simón (7.5): The goalkeeper from Murgia showcased his skills by making crucial saves throughout the match. Although he couldn’t prevent the two goals from the groguets, he displayed excellent goalkeeping.

De Marcos (6.5): Laguardia’s stronghold, who captained the team in their historic uniform, performed admirably on the field. He was cautioned and made a crucial save that hit the post.

Vivian (5): Gasteiz’s ‘Lieutenant’ had some difficulties with ball control but showed strength and speed. He had a close call in the 17th minute when Sorloth almost scored, but Vivian managed to prevent it.

Walls (4): Arrigorriaga’s central defender joined the starting lineup and faced Sorloth and Moreno. He made a crucial save in the Basque area towards the end of the first half. However, his defense on Sorloth’s second goal was questionable and appeared to be a foul.

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Lekue (6.5): The Deusto winger retained his place in the starting eleven after the Cup match. He had a quiet first half against the groguets but played well overall and even scored a goal. He made a fantastic clearance in the 69th minute, although it was ruled offside. However, he struggled against Gerard Moreno during the 1-3 goal.

Vesga (5.5): Gasteiz’s midfielder took his usual position in the absence of Dani Gª. He took the opportunity to shoot from a distance, considering the favorable conditions.

Ruiz de Galarreta (6.75): Eibar’s midfielder scored a remarkable goal in the 2nd minute with a shot from the edge of the box. It was his first goal in the First Division and greatly contributed to the team’s success. He played a crucial role in maintaining possession and his absence was noticeable. He was substituted in the 76th minute.

Inaki Williams (7.5): The team’s offensive beacon, known as the ‘Pantera,’ stretched the opposition’s defense and scored a remarkable goal near the post, making it 0-3. This was his fifth goal of the season. He also appealed for a penalty in the 56th minute and consistently fought hard throughout the match. He was substituted in the 85th minute.

Iñaki Williams reached FIFTY goals today with Athletic away from San Mamés. He is the tenth player to achieve this milestone.

Oihan Sancet (7.5): Mendillorri’s midfielder was determined to make an impact after the previous match against Valencia. He provided assists for Nico’s goal (0-2) and Inaki Williams’ goal (0-3). He came close to scoring in the 63rd minute and received a yellow card from Mandi. He was substituted in the 85th minute.

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Nico Williams (7): The ‘Ebony Rocket’ overcame his injury concerns and formed a good partnership with Galarreta. He was a constant threat to the opposition’s defense, although he occasionally gave away the ball in dangerous areas. He scored the second goal (0-2) after stealing the ball from Parejo. He received a yellow card and appealed for a penalty in the first half. He was substituted in the 76th minute.

Guruzeta (5.75): The San Sebastian striker may not have scored, but he contributed to the team’s defensive efforts and played a crucial role in distributing the ball. He received a yellow card after a challenge on Gabbia and had a good chance to score from a long ball played by Jorgensen. He was substituted in the 66th minute.

Ernesto Valverde against Villarreal at La Cerámica
Ernesto Valverde against Villarreal at La Cerámica (Photo: LaLiga)

Athletic Club’s substitutes in Villarreal: 5 changes

Berenguer (sc): Replaced Guruzeta in the 66th minute.

Dani García (sc): Replaced Galarreta in the 76th minute. He was cautioned.

Unai Gómez (sc): Came on in the 76th minute for Nico W. He had a chance to score in the 92nd minute but his shot was weak.

Villalibre (sc): Replaced Iñaki in the 85th minute.

Iker Muniain (sc): Came on in the 85th minute for Sancet and provided stability in possession.



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  1. Great victory for Athletic Club! The LaLiga EA Sports match against Villarreal CF was indeed thrilling. Way to go, Athletic Club!

  2. What a thrilling LaLiga match it was! Athletic Club showcased their prowess and defeated Villarreal CF with finesse. The game was intense from start to finish, keeping us on the edge of our seats. Kudos to both teams for an exhilarating display of football.

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