Martín Demichelis discusses tactical changes and River Plate’s loss to Rosario Central in the Copa de la Liga Profesional

Millionaire Entrepreneur Engages in Business Conference Prior to Rosario Central Match

  • Demichelis Criticizes Himself: “The Red Card Distorted Everything”
  • River Struggles Away and Carries a Poor Record

By Ubaldo Kunz


© Getty ImagesDemichelis Fails to Impress in Rosario Central Match

River Secures Long-Awaited Copa de la Liga Profesional Title Despite Defeat

The Millonario had a strong start, but Martín Demichelis’ team was completely dismantled at the Gigante de Arroyito stadium. Rosario Central ended up winning 3-1, but the result could have been much worse.

Following the match, Martín Demichelis attended a conference where he was asked about tactical variations during the game. For example, the positioning of Rodrigo Aliendro and the performance of Milton Casco and Enzo Diaz on the wings. This question caused some discomfort for the coach, who explained that changes were made based on tactical decisions.

“It’s all about tactical decisions,” affirmed Martín Demichelis. He further explained, “We don’t stick to a fixed lineup. In Argentina, results matter the most, so we make changes in the defense, midfield, and attack.” River’s technical approach seemed to have been affected by the journalist’s inquiry.

Furthermore, the millionaire coach stated that in defeat, he prefers to hold his players accountable: “I take responsibility for the team’s tactics and don’t blame individual players. If someone underperforms, it’s because they failed to fulfill their role. When we succeed, it’s because we played with the same starting eleven. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case today.”

To conclude, Demichelis mentioned the numerous options available in the squad for future matches, emphasizing the team’s depth: “We have players like Milton Casco and Enzo Díaz who can play on the wings without any problem. In attack, we have Salomón Rondón, Miguel Borja, Facundo Colidio, or Matías Suárez. Andrés or Santi can also contribute. In midfield, we have countless options. The young players will continue working hard, that’s for sure.”

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Martín Demichelis’ Insights at the Business Conference


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  1. It’s important for teams to analyze their tactics, especially after a tough loss. Demichelis’ insights on River Plate’s loss to Rosario Central in the Copa de la Liga Profesional highlight the significance of making tactical adjustments to improve performance.

  2. Demichelis’s insights on tactical changes shed light on River Plate’s loss to Rosario Central in the Copa de la Liga Profesional. An intriguing analysis worth considering for the team’s future endeavors.

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