Magallanes wins against Colo Colo with a score of 1-0 at the El Teniente stadium

Magallanes Secures Victory Against Colo Colo with a 1-0 Score

In an ‌intense ⁢match, Magallanes emerged victorious against Colo Colo ‌with a goal from Cristóbal Jorquera at the 64th minute, securing a 1-0 win.

Teams Seek Redemption in Crucial Match

Both teams entered the game with the determination to overcome⁤ their recent struggles ⁢in the tournament and earn three crucial points.

Magallanes’ Recent Setbacks

Magallanes suffered a tough‌ blow in their previous match, losing 1-2 against D. Copiapó. In their last four games, they‍ have only managed to‍ win one and have conceded a total​ of 10 goals while scoring 5.

Colo Colo’s⁢ Mixed Results

Colo Colo faced a defeat in their⁢ previous⁤ game,⁤ losing 0-1 against Palestino. Their recent form has been ⁢inconsistent, with two draws and two wins. They have scored 11 goals and conceded 5.

Table ⁢Standings and Team Performance

Magallanes​ currently sits in ‍fifteenth place⁣ with⁣ 22 points, having won ⁢6​ games, drawn 4, and lost 15. On the other hand, Colo Colo occupies the third spot in the table ‍with 42 points, with 11​ wins, 9 draws, and 5 losses.

Judge​ Selection for the Match

The match at the Teniente stadium was officiated by José Cabero Rebolledo.

Magellan’s Formation for ‌the Match

Under the guidance of ‌Mario Salas, Magallanes adopted a⁣ 4-3-3 formation. ‌The lineup consisted of Gastón Rodríguez as the goalkeeper, with Simón Contreras, Fernando Piñero, Nicolás Berardo, and Felipe Espinoza forming the defensive line. Alfred Canales, Iván Vásquez, and⁢ Cristóbal Jorquera operated in the⁢ midfield, while Julián Alfaro, Joaquín⁣ Larrivey,​ and Yorman Zapata led the attack.

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Colo Colo’s⁤ Formation for the Match

Gustavo Quinteros opted for ⁣a 4-4-2 formation for Colo⁤ Colo. Fernando De Paul ⁤guarded the goal, supported by Bruno Gutiérrez, Alan Saldivia, Ramiro González, and Erick Wiemberg in defense. Esteban Pavez, ‍César Fuentes, Leonardo⁤ Gil, and Pablo Parra controlled‍ the midfield, while Leandro Benegas and Carlos Palacios⁣ spearheaded ⁣the attack.

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  1. “A hard-fought victory for Magallanes, securing a 1-0 win against Colo Colo at El Teniente stadium. Kudos to both teams for an intense match!”

  2. Magallanes showed great skill and determination, securing a fantastic win against Colo Colo. The 1-0 victory at El Teniente stadium is proof of their team’s impressive form. Well done, Magallanes!

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