Luis Scola: The Unforgettable Legacy of a Baskonia Legend and NBA Star

Baskonia Pays Tribute to Luis Scola

Former Coach Replaced

Baskonia, the basketball club from Vitoria, is going through a challenging period. With little success in the Euroleague, the team has decided to part ways with coach Joan Peñarroya. In an attempt to turn things around, they have turned to a familiar face. Dusko Ivanovic, who has had three previous stints as coach, will return to the Buesa Arena this Friday. This return coincides with a special tribute to one of the greatest players in the club’s history: Luis Scola.

A Legendary Player

Recently, Baskonia celebrated the 23rd anniversary of Luis Scola’s debut, a game that would mark a turning point in the club’s history. Scola played a total of 447 games for Baskonia between 2000 and 2007, becoming an iconic figure for the team. He arrived in Europe in 1998 after making a name for himself in Argentina with Ferro Carril Oeste. Gijón welcomed him on loan for two seasons before he made his mark in the Basque country.

A Record-Breaking Career

Scola’s impact on Baskonia was so significant that the club has chosen to honor him during this challenging time. He holds the record for the fourth most games played for Baskonia, with an impressive list of achievements. During his time with the team, he won one ACB title, three Copa del Rey titles, three Super Cups, and led the team to three Euroleague Final Four qualifications.

Success Beyond Baskonia

Not only did Scola excel at Baskonia, but he also had a successful career in the NBA. He played for various teams, including the Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns, Indiana Pacers, Toronto Raptors, and Brooklyn Nets. Scola’s achievements include being the all-time leading scorer for Baskonia in the ACB league and representing Argentina in international competitions, winning an Olympic gold medal and a silver and bronze medal in the World Cups.

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Life After Retirement

After retiring from professional sports, Scola decided to settle in Italy and took on the role of CEO of Varese, the team where he ended his playing career. In May 2022, he became the majority shareholder and owner of the club. Scola is also involved in various business ventures, including his role as an investor in digital assets such as tokens. He co-founded StadioPlus, a platform that sells NFTs related to sports, and has partnered with companies like the IOC, Nike, NBA, and FIFA.

Embracing Disruptive Technologies

Scola’s interest in disruptive technologies extends beyond sports. He has become a partner and ambassador for Spanish fintech company Reental, specializing in tokenized real estate investment. He has also invested in PhysioMRI, a Valencian startup developing low-field magnetic resonance devices, and Alef, a company working on flying car production. Scola sees cryptocurrencies as an intriguing concept and wants to be a part of it.


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  1. “Luis Scola’s exceptional career spanned both the European and NBA courts, leaving an indelible mark. A true Baskonia legend, his skills, dedication, and leadership will be forever cherished by fans worldwide. Thank you, Luis, for your unforgettable legacy.”

  2. “Luis Scola’s impact on the world of basketball cannot be overstated. From his memorable performances with Baskonia to his successful NBA career, he has left an indelible mark on the sport. A true legend whose legacy will be forever cherished.”

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