Lionel Messi Shines in Training as Argentina Prepares for Uruguay and Brazil in Crucial South American Qualifiers

The Argentine National Team Prepares for South American Qualifiers

Lionel Messi Shines in Training Session

The Argentine national team completed its second training session in Ezeiza as they gear up for the upcoming matches against Uruguay and Brazil in the South American Qualifiers. The practice session was open to the press, and all eyes were on Lionel Messi, the team’s highest emblem, who showcased his full potential by scoring a remarkable goal in a reduced football match.

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Messi’s Impeccable Performance

Lionel Messi displayed impeccable physical condition, showing no signs of the recent injury that had affected his performance with both the national team and Inter Miami. Despite the setback, Messi managed to secure his eighth Ballon d’Or, a remarkable achievement. During the training session, Messi exuded confidence, scoring a beautiful goal and even causing frustration for goalkeeper Walter Benítez on another occasion.

A Sensational Photo Goes Viral

A photo of Messi during the training session caused a sensation on social media. The image captured Messi leaping in a manner reminiscent of Michael Jordan, forcefully connecting his head with the ball, while his teammate Rodrigo De Paul watched in awe.

Twitter Reactions to Messi’s Jump

The photo quickly garnered reactions on Twitter, with users sharing memes and praising Messi’s incredible leap. Comments such as “Messi Airlines,” “He would be the best header in the world too if he wanted,” “Remember his goal in the Champions League final against Arsenal? What a phenomenon!” and “Look at how high the 36-year-old kid jumps” highlighted Messi’s extraordinary ability.

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Jokes and Observations about De Paul

Some users also noticed the resemblance between Rodrigo De Paul and “Diosito,” a character from the renowned Argentine series “The Marginal.” Jokingly, they commented, “De Paul’s smile,” “De Paul, always admiring the best player in history,” “De Paul making sure the mosquitoes don’t bother the GOAT,” and “He’s definitely Messi’s bodyguard, always there, both on and off the field.”

Reactions on Social Media

The reactions on social media to Lionel Messi’s jump during the Argentine national team’s practice were a testament to his enduring popularity and unmatched talent.


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  1. I am thrilled to see Lionel Messi’s exemplary performance in training as Argentina gears up for the crucial South American qualifiers against Uruguay and Brazil. With his unparalleled skills and determination, there’s no doubt Messi will lead his team to victory. Go Argentina!

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