Limak Construction Progresses Ahead of Schedule on Spotify Camp Nou Renovation

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The Renovation of Spotify Camp Nou: A New Era for FC Barcelona

The remodeling process of Spotify Camp Nou is well underway, with the completion of the third grade of the stadium and the adjustment of the primer and second grade. These renovations will allow fans to enjoy FC Barcelona matches starting from November 2024.

A Focus on Safety and Celebration

Ensuring the safety of fans has been a top priority for FC Barcelona, especially as the club commemorates its 125th anniversary. This commitment to safety was a key factor in selecting Limak, a Turkish construction company, as the constructor for the project. Limak has a proven track record of delivering projects on time and without compromise, as stated by Haldun Firat Köktürk, the general director of Limak Construction.

Limak’s Commitment to the Project

“The Spotify Camp Nou project marks our first venture in Europe. We have signed a one-year contract with Barcelona, and our discussions have been solely focused on meeting the project’s timeline,” assured Köktürk. Limak is confident in its ability to complete the renovations on schedule and is excited about the opportunity to contribute to the iconic blue stadium.

Prioritizing the Project’s Timeline

Resit Yildiz, the project director of Limak Investments, emphasizes the importance of adhering to the project’s timeline. Yildiz believes that completing the renovations ahead of schedule will not only benefit the new customers but also enhance the overall experience for all parties involved.

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Interiors of Spotify Camp Nou
Interiors of Spotify Camp Nou

Meeting the November 2024 Deadline

Joan Sentelles, the director of operations of Espai Barça, revealed that the renovations of Spotify Camp Nou are progressing according to the contract. By November 2024, the team will be able to fully utilize the prime and second grade sections, as well as a portion of the parking lots. Additionally, 50% of the VIP locations and the new operating museum will be completed. The stadium will also feature state-of-the-art 360º circular screens.

Inside the Spotify Camp Nou
This will be inside the Spotify Camp Nou

The Future of Camp Nou: A New Era for Barcelona’s Iconic Stadium


The iconic Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona is undergoing a major transformation. The construction of the third tier and VIP rings has been completed, although they are currently without seats. The stadium’s state-of-the-art technology cables have been installed, ready to provide an unparalleled experience for the fans. By the summer of 2025, the stadium is expected to reach 90% capacity in the VIP rings, marking a new era for Camp Nou.

A Vision for the Future

According to Sentels, a prominent figure involved in the project, the new and improved Camp Nou, also known as Spotify Camp Nou, is set to be fully operational by August 2026. The estimated seating capacity will be 104,600, although slight fluctuations may occur. This ambitious vision aims to create a stadium that will captivate football enthusiasts and elevate the game to new heights. The countdown has begun, and in just a year, the ball will be soaring through the air in this magnificent arena.

Exciting Times Ahead

As the construction progresses, anticipation is building among fans and the football community alike. The new Spotify Camp Nou will not only be a symbol of Barcelona’s sporting prowess but also a testament to the city’s commitment to innovation and progress. The future of Camp Nou is bright, and football enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the grand unveiling of this architectural marvel.

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  1. “Limak Construction’s commendable progress ahead of schedule on the Spotify Camp Nou renovation is a testament to their expertise and professionalism. Exciting times lie ahead for football fans, as this project promises to enhance the iconic stadium and provide an even better experience for visitors.”

  2. “Limak Construction’s exceptional progress on the Spotify Camp Nou Renovation is testament to their unwavering determination and commitment. Kudos to their team for exceeding expectations and ensuring timely completion.”

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