Limak Accelerates Demolition Works at Spotify Camp Nou

The Demolition Works Completed Ahead of Schedule

Limak’s Efficiency and Innovative Approach

Limak has successfully reduced the duration of the Spotify Camp Nou works by one month. The Turkish company commenced the demolition phase just five months ago, which was the first of three phases. Originally scheduled for completion in November, the demolition was finished several weeks ahead of time in October. This achievement highlights one of the key reasons why Limak won the competition for the FC Barcelona project: their exceptional speed. For instance, the construction of the 1915 Canakkale Bridge, connecting Europe and Asia in Turkey, was projected to take six years but was completed in just four and a half years.

“Time is money,” states Ebru Özdemir, President of Limak Holding. “Time is crucial for us; there’s a reason why we have a track record of early project completions,” she adds. When Limak took on the renovation of the Spotify Camp Nou, they committed to various deadlines, with the most significant being November 30, 2024, the reopening date of the stadium. However, there were other deadlines based on different construction parameters, including the demolition completion date. Limak has already won this race and is now aiming to increase its workforce to 1,500 employees to tackle the ongoing construction phase at full speed. “Barça informed us that this date is non-negotiable, and we will meet it,” she asserts confidently.

Works at the Camp Nou

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Efficient Project Management and Parallel Work

How does Limak manage to consistently surpass established deadlines? They employ a dual approach. Firstly, according to the President, they utilize “an innovative construction model that involves working on different aspects of the project simultaneously.” This may sound simple, but it requires meticulous logistical planning. “We don’t start the foundation until the demolition is complete. This allows us to achieve a higher level of execution. Some workers focus on the slab, others on the structure, and some may be working on the opposite side of the stadium, installing Wi-Fi,” explains Haldun Firat, the CEO of Limak. “It may seem like a puzzle if you’re not accustomed to it, but we are,” he adds.

Additionally, Limak maintains a high work rate, operating six days a week (including Saturdays) and occasionally even seven days when feasible. They employ every possible strategy to expedite the project’s completion, as there is a lot at stake. The well-being of Barça, its fans, and its players, the revenue from box office and VIP areas, and the difference in merchandise sales between Montjuïc and Camp Nou are all factors, along with certain contract bonuses that would benefit both Limak and Barcelona.

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  1. It’s great to see Limak’s speedy progress in demolishing the old Spotify Camp Nou! Can’t wait to see the new and improved facility that will surely elevate the experience for all Barcelona fans.

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