Lille Supporters Trolling LFP with Sarcastic Message After Travel Ban

Authorities Ban Lille Supporters Following Incidents at OM-OL Match

Two weeks after the disturbing events that occurred during the OM-OL match, including the stone-throwing incident targeting the Lyon bus, the authorities have made the decision to prohibit Lille supporters from traveling last week. This choice, made just two days before the match, caught Lille residents who had planned to attend the game off guard. In response, they expressed their frustration towards the LFP.

Controversial Incidents Surrounding OM-OL Match

The incidents that marred the pre-match between OM and OL have garnered attention from the football community worldwide. The sight of Lyon coach Fabio Grosso with his face covered in blood was particularly shocking. Furthermore, the decision to replay the match on December 6 at the Vélodrome has sparked controversy.

Lille Residents Face Consequences Following Incidents

The ban on LOSC supporters, announced just two days before the game, has been met with strong opposition from Lille ultras. Some have expressed concerns about the financial burden, estimating the unreimbursed cost of the trip to be around €7,000, which could have severe repercussions for supporter groups.

A crack escapes OM and lies about his transfer window? https://t.co/HuuuXxb82O pic.twitter.com/4DpzRDk4xj

— le10sport (@le10sport) November 12, 2023

“OM-OL: Lyonnais Stoned, Lille Punished!”

During the match between LOSC and Toulouse, Lille supporters displayed a banner with a slightly sarcastic message directed towards the LFP: “OM-OL: Lyonnais stoned, Lille punished!”

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  1. “Bravo to the witty Lille supporters for their clever trolling of the LFP! Their sarcastic message is a humorous reminder that sometimes it’s worth mocking ridiculous decisions. Well played, Lille fans!”

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