Liga MX quarterfinals: Chivas vs Pumas stands out in the series while Tigres faces Puebla and América and Monterrey await rivals

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Nov 12, 2023, 11:05 PM ET

The Clash of Titans: Chivas vs Pumas in the Quarterfinals; Tigres to Face Puebla as América and Monterrey Await Their Rivals

The regular phase of the highly anticipated Opening 2023 season in Liga MX has concluded, and the quarterfinal matchups have been set. The standout clash in the quarterfinals is between Chivas and Pumas, while Tigres will face Puebla. Both América and Monterrey eagerly await the resolution of the Play-In round to determine their opponents.

In the battle for a ticket to the League, Atlético de San Luis (7), León (8), Santos Laguna, and Mazatlán FC (10) are in contention. The winner of the matchup between the seventh and eighth-placed teams will face Monterrey, while América awaits the survivor of the duel between the winner of the ninth-tenth bracket and the loser of the first bracket.

According to the Liga MX calendar, the Apertura 2023 Play-In matches are scheduled for Tuesday, November 22, and Wednesday, November 23. The conclusion of the Play-In round will take place on either Saturday, November 25, or Sunday, November 26.

The first leg of the quarterfinals will be played on November 29 and 30, with the return matches scheduled for December 2 and 3.

The Current State of the League

América (1) vs. (8) Play-In Combination

Monterrey (2) vs. (7) Play-In Winner: Atlético de San Luis vs. Santos

Tigres (3) vs. (6) Puebla

Pumas (4) vs. (5) Chivas

Teams in the Play-In Round

Atlético de San Luis (7) vs. León (8)

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Santos (9) vs. Mazatlán FC (10)

Teams Qualified for the Quarterfinals

América (1)

Monterrey (2)

Tigres (3)

Pumas (4)

Chivas (5)

Puebla (6)


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  1. This article highlights the intriguing quarterfinal matchups in Liga MX. The Chivas vs Pumas clash promises to be the standout tie, while Tigres will take on Puebla, and América and Monterrey eagerly await their rivals. Exciting times ahead for Mexican football fans!

  2. “This set of Liga MX quarterfinals promises intense and thrilling matches. Chivas vs Pumas has all the ingredients for a fiery clash, while Tigres against Puebla will showcase two strong teams battling it out. On the other hand, América and Monterrey eagerly await their rivals, adding an element of suspense. Exciting times ahead in the Liga MX playoffs!”

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