Leyma’s sixth victory of the season and they remain undefeated at home

Eduardo Prez

The Orange Team Secures Hard-Fought Victory Against Oviedo, Remains Undefeated at Home (88-77)

Nov 19, 2023. Updated at 10:09 p.m.

The Riazor Sports Palace is the fortress of Leyma, where only the Corus team holds the key and they are determined not to relinquish it. Diego Epifanio’s squad clinched their sixth victory of the season and maintained their unbeaten record at home with a hard-fought win against Oviedo. The Orange Team dominated the game from start to finish, securing a crucial victory that keeps them at the top of the league table.

The Corus team took control of the game early on. Although Oviedo briefly took the lead with a three-pointer, two impressive three-point shots by Galán, including one from beyond the arc, gave Leyma the advantage. Galán, making his debut in the starting lineup, showcased his skills. Leyma continued to dominate with a barrage of three-pointers. Epi took the opportunity to introduce Beka Burjanadze, who provided solid defense and nullified Oviedo’s scoring ability. The Asturian team failed to capitalize on their opportunities, allowing Leyma to establish a comfortable lead (22-12). The Georgian center unleashed Leyma’s offensive prowess in a fiercely contested first half at Riazor.

In the second quarter, Oviedo struggled against a resilient Leyma side that continued to rely on three-point shots. Despite the game not being as captivating as previous encounters, the Orange Team displayed solid defense and executed their offensive plays with ease. Their impressive three-point shooting accuracy (9 out of 13) was highlighted, with Yunio Barrueta once again leading the scoring charts.

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Just before halftime, Lundqvist delighted the crowd with two remarkable plays that electrified the Palace. The first was a missed reverse shot, followed by a block and a counter that resulted in points for Leyma.

Leyma entered halftime with a commanding 19-point lead. After regrouping in the locker room, they were determined to extend their advantage. Lundqvist and Huskic took charge, increasing the lead to 54-31. Galán and Jakovics also contributed to the scoring, this time from beyond the arc. Leyma continued to dominate against an Oviedo side that struggled to keep up. As the minutes ticked by, Oviedo focused on improving their three-point shooting to mount a comeback, managing to narrow the gap (69-53).

In the final quarter, Leyma maintained control of the scoreboard, capitalizing on defensive rebounds to launch swift attacks and convert them into points. However, Oviedo refused to back down and fought until the end. Epi’s team displayed their intelligence by extending possessions and capitalizing on free throws. They secured their sixth victory of the season.


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  1. “Leyma’s domination at home continues with their sixth victory of the season, showcasing their unbeatable spirit and formidable skills. Impressive!”

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