Leodan Reyes: From Cuban Baseball Star to MLB Opportunity with the Washington Nationals

The Inspiring Journey of Leodan Reyes

Leodan Reyes, a remarkable pitcher from Cuba, has experienced a rollercoaster ride in his baseball career. Representing the renowned Pinewood of the River team, he has made a significant impact as a key player in national under-23 teams.

Despite facing initial setbacks, Reyes’ exceptional performances in local tournaments paved the way for his participation in international events. His boxing skills translated into a powerful pitching style, showcasing precise command and a formidable straight line delivery. Although initially overlooked for the IV World Cup Sub-23, Reyes eventually earned his spot in the team.

Leodan Reyes’ Remarkable Performances in National Teams

Reyes participated in a prestigious global event, where he displayed his talent by pitching for 7.2 innings without conceding any earned runs. Although the Cuban team struggled and finished in ninth place in the tournament held in Taichung, Reyes emerged as one of the standout performers.

Furthermore, Reyes continued to shine in the Caribbean Cup held in the Bahamas, delivering an impressive six-inning start without allowing any scores.

In December, Reyes made the decision to leave Cuba in pursuit of a professional career. His dream has now become a reality.

According to journalist Francys Romero’s report on social media, it has been confirmed that Leodan Reyes will sign with the Washington Nationals once the new international signing period commences on January 15, 2024.

“Cuban pitcher Leodan Reyes will join the Washington Nationals once the new international signing period begins. This exciting journey will kick off on January 15, 2024,” posted Rosemary.

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This opportunity opens the doors to Major League Baseball (MLB) for Reyes. He has been diligently preparing in the Dominican Republic to take this long-awaited step. The Washington Nationals’ management recognized the exceptional talent of Leodan Reyes and decided to give him a chance.


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  1. Amazing to see Leodan Reyes, a former Cuban baseball star, getting an opportunity with the Washington Nationals in MLB. Wishing him all the success in his journey!

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