Léo Bisiaux Impresses in the U23 Cyclo-Cross World Cup and Earns Top 10 Finish

Léo Bisiaux Makes Impressive Progress in Cyclo-cross Hopes World Cup

Léo Bisiaux continues to gain momentum. This Sunday, the talented cyclist from Auvergne entered the Top 10 of the first round of the Cyclo-cross Hopes World Cup in Troyes. Despite a challenging start, Bisiaux managed to catch up with his competitors and secure a 7th place finish. This achievement puts him in a favorable position for the upcoming race in Dublin, where he will start on the front line. In an exclusive interview, Bisiaux shares his thoughts on his performance and future goals.


DirectVelo: 7th, for a first round of the U21 World Cup, not bad!
Léo Bisiaux: Yes, that’s good. It was quite challenging at the start because I didn’t have a great start. However, I managed to catch up with a lot of guys. I fought for 5th place, which is a positive outcome. The goal was to get into the top 8. Next week, I will start on the front line, so there won’t be too many excuses.

“I Didn’t Let Go of Anything”

DirectVelo: What was going through your mind when you found yourself outside the Top 20 at the start of the race?
Léo Bisiaux: I was still focused on my race. Although winning is always the ultimate goal, my objective shifted to securing a Top 8 position to be on the front row during the second round. I didn’t give up on this idea and made sure to pass other runners immediately to avoid wasting time.

DirectVelo: You pulled out all the stops with the other representatives of the French team!
Léo Bisiaux: At one point, there were four or five French cyclists together. We are all pushing ourselves to the limit. On the Coupe de France rounds, we can see that the competition is close, and we are all more or less at the same level. It’s a positive sign for our team.

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“I’m Now at the Level I Hoped”

DirectVelo: You seem to be finding your feet more and more in this U23 category…
Léo Bisiaux: That’s right. I have reached a turning point. For the first time, I don’t feel sluggish after 40 minutes of racing. I have finally reached the level I aimed for. However, there is still room for improvement, especially in terms of technical skills. With the World Cup still ahead, I have time to work on it. I will continue to give my best and strive for progress. I’m in great shape, which bodes well for the upcoming weeks, starting with Dublin. The race there will be more physically demanding and might suit me better.

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  1. “Léo Bisiaux’s outstanding performance in the U23 Cyclo-Cross World Cup is truly impressive, securing a well-deserved top 10 finish. A bright future awaits this talented cyclist!”

  2. Léo Bisiaux’s impressive performance in the U23 Cyclo-Cross World Cup and securing a top 10 finish showcases his incredible talent and potential in the sport. Looking forward to witnessing more of his success in the future.

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