Kubo accuses Yuri Berchiche of assault: Evidence supports the claim

Take Kubo: A True Spectacle On and Off the Field

Take Kubo is a remarkable player, not only for his skills on the field but also for his off-field antics. After the match against Athletic, Kubo was questioned about an altercation with Yuri Berchiche, a player from Rijiblanco. Kubo described the incident in his own unique way, stating, “I was calmly walking towards my position when he struck me twice. I recognized it was Yuri, who was quite heated during the game. I didn’t want to get involved, but he hit me twice, and I could have retaliated, which might have resulted in a red card. I chose not to escalate the situation and remained cautious. I approached him to address the issue, nothing more,” he exclaimed in front of the Movistar cameras. Interestingly, an image from Japan supports Kubo’s account.

Although this particular moment was not shown during Movistar’s broadcast of the match, it did make its way to the Far East. Yuri, carried away by his emotions, seemingly interpreted a move by Kawasaki as a simulation and delivered two blows, not excessively forceful, to the back of Kubo’s head upon his return to the field.

A Unique Celebration and Dedication

La Real was already comfortably leading, partly thanks to Kubo’s goal, which was the result of a play orchestrated by Brais, making it 2-0. Kubo celebrated in a distinctive manner by simulating an injury and then performing a little twerking. He clarified, “The celebration is nothing extraordinary. I had promised Elus, and I celebrated it for him.”

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  1. It is essential to thoroughly investigate all claims of assault, including Kubo’s accusation against Yuri Berchiche. Gathering and analyzing the evidence will be crucial in determining the truth behind this serious allegation.

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