Kounde’s Struggles and Positional Dilemma at Barcelona

Barça’s Fair Improvement Against Alavés

Barça has shown a fair improvement against Alavés, aiming to regain their path to victory. However, despite knowing the direction they need to take, it seems challenging to completely change the negative emotions that lingered overnight. One particular Blaugrana footballer who frustrates the culés and even Xavi Hernandez is at the center of attention.

Kounde’s Struggles Against Alavés

In recent weeks, several Barcelona players have faced criticism due to the team’s overall decline in performance. Among them, Jules Kounde stands out as one of the responsible individuals who has negatively impacted his teammates. The French defender has failed to meet expectations and has been involved in tense situations.

Jules Kounde playing with Barça
Jules Kounde playing with Barça / Photo: Europa Press

Kounde, despite gradually establishing himself in the heart of the defense, has been inconsistent and unable to handle challenging situations effectively. Barcelona’s defenders are expected to outperform their opponents in any given circumstance, but lately, they have been nothing but disappointing.

During the match against Alavés, Kounde was repeatedly exposed at the beginning of the game. Young striker Samu Omorodion effortlessly outplayed him, leading Xavi Hernández to react by moving the French defender to the right-back position. Ronald Araujo, on the other hand, had no trouble containing Samu. Social media has been filled with comments criticizing Kounde’s performance, stating, “They have teased us.”

Jules Kounde sitting on the grass
Jules Kounde sitting on the grass / Photo: EFE

Kounde’s Dilemma at Barça

It is evident that Barça is facing a problem with Kounde. Last season, when he played as a right-back, he performed well. However, he desired a more significant role within the team and a return to the central defense. Kounde’s ambition is to play as a center-back, but the competition for that position is fierce, and he has not proven himself worthy of a starting spot.

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Although Kounde was given another chance in the central defense against Alavés, it became clear that he lacks the necessary speed and quality to be a regular starter. Consequently, Xavi Hernández moved him back to the right side, as it caused more problems than solutions.

Jules Kounde controlling the ball
Jules Kounde controlling the ball / Photo: Europa Press

This punishment is a consequence of his poor performance. Additionally, Kounde faces stiff competition, and if he fails to deliver, players like Araujo, Iñigo Martínez, and Andreas Christensen will always surpass him.


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  1. Kounde’s struggles and positional dilemma at Barcelona highlight the challenges of adapting to a new team and system. With time and patience, he will surely find his feet and become an integral part of the squad.

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