Kepa’s Thoughts on Andriy Lunin’s Future and the Goalkeeper Debate at Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s Goalkeeper Dilemma: Lunin’s Rise and Contract Uncertainty

Real Madrid’s national team break does not stop the competition for a place in Carlo Ancelotti’s first team. After witnessing the impressive performances of his teammate, Kepa shares his thoughts on Andriy Lunin and his future in the Santiago Bernabéu goal.

A Task Not Easy to Assimilate

Real Madrid’s last two games have revived a debate that was thought to be extinct in the white club: the tension around the merengue goal. With the injuries of Kepa and Thibaut Courtois, Andriy Lunin has been entrusted with a challenging task.

However, the Ukrainian goalkeeper has shown remarkable resilience despite constant substitutions and has been raising his level with each passing performance. Yet, his contract with the club is set to expire, and there are unsettling messages surrounding his future.

“If there is a club that allows him to play, I think we will leave. If he is going to play, then of course we are ready to move,” declared his partner just a few hours before the match against Valencia, where Andriy Lunin made his mark in the fight for ownership. This ongoing debate extends beyond the stadium walls of Real Madrid.

A Battle for Ownership

The injury suffered by Thibaut Courtois before the start of the League in Bilbao left a void that both Kepa and Lunin know they cannot fill. While both goalkeepers have proven their capabilities, they understand that only one can be the starting goalkeeper for each matchday in Real Madrid.

Amidst rumors of uncertainty surrounding Ancelotti’s decision, Kepa shares his reflections on his colleague and rival in the contest.

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“He’s a great goalkeeper, I watch him train and he’s very good, a great teammate… the coach decides who plays each game,” says Kepa, expressing his admiration for Lunin’s skills. The Basque goalkeeper’s physical discomfort has allowed Lunin to showcase his abilities against Braga and Valencia. The battle for ownership continues, with all eyes on the bench to understand who will start against Cádiz on November 26th.

Ancelotti’s Decision

The situation of both goalkeepers is unique, regardless of how it is viewed. Their contracts expire on June 30, 2024. They are aware that the club has not made any decisions regarding the future, and each match where they outperform the other could significantly impact their careers. However, it is clear that when everyone is in optimal condition, the starting goalkeeper for Real Madrid is none other than the Belgian-born Courtois.

“The debate in goal is always open. There has to be competition and then choose in every moment,” says Ancelotti, emphasizing the importance of healthy competition. This statement will be put to the test in the upcoming Silver Cup in Cádiz, where the fight for the starting position in Madrid’s goal until Courtois returns will intensify.


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  1. It’s intriguing to hear Kepa’s thoughts on Lunin’s future and the ongoing goalkeeper debate at Real Madrid. As a fellow goalkeeper, his perspective adds great insight into the situation.

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