Juan Guerrero and Jonathan Araujo Lead Dominican Republic to Victory in Santiago 2023 Pan American Basketball Tournament

Juan Guerrero and Jonathan Araujo Lead Dominican Republic to Victory in Pan American Games Basketball

Juan Guerrero and Jonathan Araujo showcased their skills on the court, scoring a combined 31 points for the Dominican Republic in their opening match of the Pan American Games Santiago 2023. The team defeated Panama with a convincing 81-53 victory at Sports Center 1.

Dominican Republic’s Strong Start

Guerrero contributed 16 points, while Araujo added 15 to the scoreboard. Juan Miguel Suero and Gelvis Solano also made significant contributions with eight points each, securing a well-deserved victory for the Quisqueyan team.

Araujo and Guerrero Shine in the First Half

The Dominican Republic dominated the first half, leading with a score of 17-10. The exceptional performance by Jonathan Araujo and Juan Guerrero played a crucial role in their team’s success.

Panama’s Resilience in the Second Half

However, Panama fought back in the second half, outscoring the Quisqueyans by 11 points with a score of 24-23. This strong comeback allowed them to close the half with a narrow lead of 34-30.

Dominican Republic’s Explosive Third Period

The third period witnessed an explosive display from the Dominicans. Araujo, Guerrero, and Juan Suero launched consecutive attacks, leading their team to a 46-39 advantage. Panama had to call for a timeout to regroup after facing a relentless 16-5 offensive onslaught from the Creoles.

Quisqueyan Defense and Dominance

The Quisqueyan defense remained impenetrable, while Suero contributed with crucial baskets. The Dominicans entered the final quarter with a comfortable 58-42 lead.

Dominican Republic’s Superior Performance

The Dominicans showcased their dominance throughout the game, outrebounding Panama 44-31. They also displayed their defensive prowess by stealing 10 balls and blocking five shots.

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Individual Performances

James Romero led Panama’s scoring with 13 points, followed by JM Quintero Restrepo with 11 points and Andrés Sánchez Gómez with nine points.

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  1. “Congratulations to Juan Guerrero and Jonathan Araujo for their outstanding performance, leading the Dominican Republic to a well-deserved victory in the Santiago 2023 Pan American Basketball Tournament. Their talent and teamwork were truly remarkable.”

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