José Manuel Cortina: A Coach of Excellence and His Current Challenges

Jose Manuel Cortina: A Coach of Excellent Quality

Talk about Jose Manuel Cortina is to refer to a coach of excellent quality. The Master’s achievements are more than convincing. The veteran professor has successfully rehabilitated numerous injured athletes, giving them a new opportunity in their sports careers.

Once again, Cortina’s name has come to light after another display of selfless help. The seasoned pitching connoisseur recently utilized his Facebook profile to share a specific situation.

A Positive and Worrying Post

The post from Pinar del Río has two aspects, one positive and another that becomes extremely worrying.

“Yesterday, Friday, November 10, marked the completion of 10 weeks of work in recovering Livan Moinelo. As I know that many people are eagerly waiting for that monster from the Pinar del Río mound, I can tell you that it is going very well. However, I cannot claim victory yet, as there is still a long way to go and some obstacles to overcome,” expressed Jose Manuel Cortina.

“Working with Moinelo is very easy due to his professionalism, dedication, discipline, and generosity. He has already started throwing balls, and so far, everything is favorable,” wrote the prominent specialist.

It is worth remembering that Livan Moinelo had to end his season prematurely in the NPB due to an injury to his throwing elbow, which required surgery. The star left-hander achieved an impressive average of 0.98 in the 2023 season as part of the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks franchise before his illness.

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Moinelo returned to Cuba for his recovery and immediately reached out to Cortina, showcasing the trust he places in the experience of the “repairer of dreams.”

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José Manuel Cortina Announces a Delicate Situation

However, Jose Manuel Cortina himself shed light on another problem affecting a significant pitcher.

“I have another magnificent pitcher who, due to financial problems, cannot travel to Pinar. It is a shame because this young man has brought so much joy to the fans of Industriales with many beautiful moments he provided for his team. Today, he needs help,” read the Facebook post.

“I hope that the highest authorities of his province will take notice and extend their hand to him. I’m talking about Andy Vargas,” concluded the Master.

Andy Vargas was a pitcher of great importance for the Industriales roster in the 62nd National Baseball Series. Unfortunately, an injury forced him to undergo surgery. The right-hander began his recovery under the watchful eye of Cortina, but financial problems seem to be hindering his progress.

The answers cry out for solutions. Who should take responsibility for the situation Andy Vargas is going through? This pitcher has brought countless joys to the Lions team. Can’t anything be done in this case?


2 Responses

  1. José Manuel Cortina’s reputation as a coach of excellence is well-deserved. His ability to motivate and inspire his team is commendable, and his track record speaks for itself. However, as with any successful coach, new challenges await him. It will be intriguing to see how Cortina tackles these obstacles and continues to excel in his coaching career.

  2. This article brilliantly captures José Manuel Cortina’s exceptional coaching prowess and sheds light on the challenges he is currently facing. His dedication to excellence is evident in his achievements and the way he tackles obstacles head-on. Cortina’s unwavering commitment to his team’s success will undoubtedly lead to greater triumphs in the future.

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