José Alberto López analyzes Racing’s situation after two defeats and highlights the importance of defensive improvement

Jose Alberto Lopez Remains Optimistic Despite Recent Defeats

And two defeats later, there is no need to worry. Jose Alberto Lopez, who appeared smiling and with a positive attitude in his traditional pre-match press conference against Real Valladolid, aimed to calm the situation. Racing is currently in 10th place, with an 8-point lead over relegation and only 3 points away from the Play Offs.

“My worst moment? That was when I arrived, but now we are in a luxurious position,” explained the Racing coach. “It is true that we have had a difficult and challenging week, during which we have self-reflected and focused on improving. We always do this, whether we win or lose.” Jose Alberto also mentioned that all 23 players are available for the upcoming match.

Racing coach
José Alberto has highlighted that defense is everyone’s business, not just his line of four. His talented tresquartistas will also have to put on their work overalls.

José Alberto believes that the team needs to focus on defensive improvement. “At the defensive level is where we have to prioritize our efforts. At the offensive level, we continue to generate opportunities and perform well,” he stated. However, he clarified that the defensive issues are not solely the responsibility of the backline. “It is a collective issue, from the defenders to the forwards. We are more vulnerable than I would like.”

About Real Valladolid

“Valladolid, along with Espanyol, has the highest budget in the category,” summarized José Alberto about their upcoming opponent. He acknowledged their impressive roster potential, stating that any player from Valladolid could be a starter in any team in the league.

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Regarding the football style of Pezzolano’s team, the Asturian coach affirmed, “As the season has progressed, Valladolid has gained identity and solidity. They defend high, press well from the beginning, and do not take unnecessary risks when releasing the ball. They have players with good technical skills, who can contribute from the second line and create imbalances on the wings. It is the level that teams facing relegation need to surpass, despite having a budget five times smaller.”

El Sardinero stadium
José Alberto has also been happy to return to El Sardinero, which is already completely green in both stands.

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  1. “Great analysis by José Alberto López. Racing needs to address their defensive issues urgently in order to bounce back from these defeats. Only by improving their defensive performance can they regain their winning form. Time for the team to buckle up and work on their weaknesses!”

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