Jonathan Calleri’s Remarkable Reaction to James Rodríguez in Brazil: ‘Sometimes it’s Scary to Talk to Him

James Rodriguez: The Colombian Legend of Sao Paulo

One of the referents of Sao Paulo has the meaning of the legend of the ’10’ Colombian.

James Rodríguez wants to win the Copa de Brasil

James Rodríguez is determined to win the Copa de Brasil and climb up the table in the Brazilian campeonato.

With James on the field from the 70th minute, Sao Paulo secured a 2-1 victory over Corinthians in the classic match on Saturday, bringing their total points to 34 and placing them in the top position of the tournament.

Sao Paulo currently sits in 10th place in the classification zone for the Copa Libertadores group stage and is in the preliminary phase. They are also on track to secure a spot in the Copa Sudamericana 2024.

Jonathan Calleri’s respect for James Rodríguez

James may not be a starter in Sao Paulo, but he is treated with great affection by the fans and his teammates hold him in reverential respect. This is especially true for Jonathan Calleri, one of the club’s key attacking players.

Jonathan Calleri
Jonathan Calleri – Photo: Tomada of the transmission of ESPN

In an interview with TNT Sports Brasil, Calleri spoke about what it means to be a teammate of a player with James’ international pedigree, including being the top scorer in the 2014 World Cup. He also made an incredible revelation.

“James is sensational. I enjoy playing alongside him. There are no words to describe what it feels like to be on the same team as someone who wore the number 10 for Real Madrid… Sometimes, it’s even intimidating to talk to him,” Calleri declared.

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The Argentinian forward also acknowledged that James has yet to secure a starting position in the team under coach Dorival Junior, but he believes it won’t be long before he proves his worth.

“A player of his caliber always wants to play. It’s difficult when there are many players and not everyone can play, but we all need to support each other. We are a team, and sometimes it will be my turn or someone else’s, but we all work towards the same goal,” Calleri assured.

James Rodriguez
The football player is 32 years old – Photo: Elvis González / EFE

James has been actively participating in all competitions for Sao Paulo, contributing with goals and assists. Calleri praised his commitment to the team.

“He is a great asset for the club. He understands the importance of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Winning the Copa de Brasil would be a great achievement for him,” Calleri emphasized.

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2 Responses

  1. Wow, Jonathan Calleri’s awe of James Rodríguez in Brazil is evident! It’s amazing to see how James’s talent and charisma can make even fellow professionals like Calleri feel a little intimidated.

  2. Jonathan Calleri’s reaction to James Rodríguez in Brazil is truly remarkable. It’s understandable why he finds it scary to talk to such a talented player. Rodríguez’s skills and presence on the field are undeniably intimidating.

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