Joey Dillon: The Inspiring Journey of a Tennis Underdog


Joey Dillon: The Inspiring Journey of a Tennis Underdog

A Record of Losses, but a Winner at Heart

Joey Dillon, a professional tennis player, has participated in seven tournaments throughout his career, but unfortunately, he has lost every single one of them. With a set record of 0 wins and 84 losses, Dillon’s statistics may seem disheartening. However, his story is one of resilience and determination, reminiscent of Artem Bahmet, an amateur player who faced a similar uphill battle in an ITF tennis match in Doha.

Joey Dillon’s Journey

Despite his string of losses, Joey Dillon is far from being labeled a loser. In fact, he is a true winner. Two years ago, Dillon weighed 90 kilos more than he does now. Through a weight control program offered by the WTA, he underwent a transformative journey that involved a bypass surgery, multiple operations to remove excess skin, and a tremendous amount of effort. This physical transformation allowed Dillon to pursue his childhood dream of emulating the Williams sisters on the tennis court.

“When I was ten years old, I witnessed Serena’s victory over Venus at Roland Garros on the news. It was my first exposure to tennis, and being a twin myself, I thought I could achieve what they did

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  1. “I found Joey Dillon’s journey as a tennis underdog truly inspiring. It’s amazing to see how sheer determination and hard work can lead to success, even against all odds. Joey’s story reminds us that opportunities are out there for those who are willing to chase after their dreams relentlessly.”

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