Joe Espada Set to Become the New Manager for the Houston Astros

The End of Dusty Baker’s Era with Houston Astros

As the 2023 MLB season comes to a close, one story that will be remembered is the departure of Dusty Baker as the manager of the Houston Astros. The champion manager of the 2022 Major League campaign has decided to step aside, leaving behind a legacy of a World Series Ring, numerous victories, and countless memories.

The Search for a Replacement

Since the announcement of Dusty Baker’s departure, the Houston Astros management has been tirelessly searching for a suitable replacement. On October 28, a report listed seven potential candidates: AJ Hinch, Will Venable, Don Mattingly, Buck Showalter, Craig Counsell, Walt Weiss, and Joe Espada.

Joe Espada Emerges as the Top Contender

According to a report by Ben Dubose of USA Today, Houston Astros General Manager Dana Brown has been advocating for bench coach Joe Espada to be promoted as the new manager. This news surfaced on November 5, indicating Brown’s preference for Espada to replace Dusty Baker.

Joe Espada Expected to be Promoted

On Sunday, November 12, Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported that the Houston Astros are expected to announce the promotion of Joe Espada as their new manager on Monday. This suggests that the decision has been made and it is only a matter of hours before Dana Brown officially announces the important move within the clubhouse.

A Well-Deserved Appointment

It comes as no surprise that Joe Espada is the chosen candidate. As the bench coach, he possesses an in-depth understanding of the team dynamics and has earned the respect and support of the players. Congratulations to Joe Espada on this significant achievement!

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Additional News

In other news, Yuli Gurriel, a player from the Houston Astros, has listed his house in Houston for sale. The property is priced at over 1.5 million dollars. For more details, please refer to the accompanying photos.

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  1. “Exciting times ahead for the Houston Astros! Joe Espada’s impressive track record and experience make him a great choice for leading the team. Looking forward to seeing the Astros continue their success under his leadership.”

  2. I’m excited to see what Joe Espada brings to the table as the new manager of the Houston Astros. Best of luck to him and the team!

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