JJ Macías Gets Another Chance to Prove His Worth in Friendly Match

Chivas Forward José Juan Macías Prepares for Liguilla

By Juan Manuel Figueroa

Guadalajara Jalisco / November 15, 2023

A significant test awaits Chivas’ forward, José Juan Macías, as he is set to participate in a friendly match between the Sacred Flock and the Tapatío. This opportunity will allow him to further adapt to the field and determine his readiness for the upcoming Apertura 2023 Liguilla.

Macías has already gained some minutes in a friendly match with Tapatío, playing for almost half an hour. Now, he faces a second test, which will ultimately determine whether he can contribute to the team’s success in the Big Party.

JJ Macías will have minutes this Thursday

Macías will be included in the squad for the friendly match scheduled for this Thursday in La Piedad, Michoacán. This game will provide him with another opportunity to showcase his skills, potentially playing for 30 or 40 minutes.

The FIFA Date break has been beneficial for Macías and Chivas, as it ensures they will not have to participate in the Play-In. This break allows Macías to gain more confidence and be readily available for his coach’s requirements.

Having fully recovered from two knee operations, the Guadalajara native is now training with the team. He is focused on regaining his footballing and physical rhythm, with the aim of contributing minutes in the Quarterfinals against Pumas or even in later stages if Chivas continues to progress in the Liguilla.

Macías’ resilience and determination following his recovery have made him stronger than ever. He is eager to score goals and earn the trust of his coach and teammates.

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  1. I’m excited to see JJ Macías back on the pitch and eager to showcase his skills in this friendly match. This is a great opportunity for him to prove his worth and make a strong comeback. Wishing him all the best! #GoMacías

  2. JJ Macías has a great opportunity to showcase his skills and prove his worth in this upcoming friendly match. It’s a chance for him to demonstrate his talent and contribute to the team’s success. Good luck to him!

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