Jes Rodríguez’s Struggles in Coritiba: A Difficult Start for the Madrid-born Forward

Controversy Surrounds Jes Rodríguez’s Arrival at Coritiba

By Alberto Rubio

Updated 11/20/2023 – 11:25 CET

From the moment Jes Rodríguez (born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1993) arrived at Coritiba, controversy followed. Alef Manga, currently on loan at Pafos, claimed the number 11 jersey that had been assigned to the former Real Madrid youth player. “That number already has a name: me,” Manga wrote on Instagram.

Jes Rodríguez, however, remained undeterred. Not even the challenging sporting situation of ‘Glorioso’, who currently sit at the bottom of the Brasileirao with 14 points, eight points away from safety, could dampen his spirits. “I am very happy to arrive in Curitiba. Together we are going to have a good second round,” said the former Real Madrid, Las Palmas, and Betis player.

“I am very happy to arrive in Coritiba. Together we are going to have a good second round.”

– Jes Rodríguez

His debut did not go smoothly. Jes Rodríguez entered the field in a 5-1 defeat against Vasco de Gama, coming on as a substitute in the 58th minute with the team already trailing 3-0.

The initial plan was for the Spanish player, who had not played for four months since leaving Sampdoria, to regain his form and gradually become a key part of Thiago Kosloski’s strategy, forming a formidable attacking duo with Islam Slimani.

However, reality turned out to be quite different. Jes Rodríguez, who has played for seven different teams since signing for PSG in 2016, seems to have lost his way completely at Coritiba, a team that is on the verge of relegation. They currently sit 11 points away from safety with only 12 matches remaining.

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Since his arrival, Jes Rodríguez has only played 78 minutes, all as a substitute, in five different games. He has neither scored nor assisted. Furthermore, in the last two matches, against América-MG (0-3) and Cruzeiro (1-0), he didn’t even make it off the bench.

“I Have to Prioritize Those Who Are Better Prepared,” Says Coach Kosloski

Although Jes Rodríguez’s contract expires in December, it appears unlikely that he will continue at Coritiba. A couple of weeks ago, coach Thiago Kosloski acknowledged the unique circumstances surrounding Jes’s arrival. “He joined us in a challenging situation. He spent nearly 45 days negotiating his signing, and during that time, he couldn’t train with the team. Therefore, when he arrived, he had to undergo special preparation to adapt to the demanding schedule of matches in the Brasileirao.”

“When he arrived, he had to undergo special preparation to adapt to the demanding schedule of matches in the Brasileirao.”

– Thiago Kosloski

“His performance has improved. After the special preparation, he started getting more minutes on the pitch. However, we are currently fighting to avoid relegation, and as a coach, I have to prioritize those who are better prepared,” added Kosloski.


2 Responses

  1. It’s disappointing to see Jes Rodríguez struggling in Coritiba after his promising start at Madrid. Hopefully, he can overcome these early obstacles and regain his form soon.

  2. Despite Jes Rodríguez’s initial challenges in Coritiba, the Madrid-born forward has shown promise and determination. It’s common for players to face difficulties when transitioning to a new team, but with time and support, Rodriguez has the potential to shine.

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