Javier Milei establishes himself as the new president of Argentina with the apoyo of sporting figures

The Leader of La Libertad Avanza Emerges Victorious with Over 55% of Votes, Becoming the New President of Argentina

El Burrito Martínez Congratulates Javier Milei. (Photo: AFP)

Javier Milei has secured over 55% of the votes in the election, making him the new president of Argentina. Upon learning the results, Milei received numerous messages of congratulations, including one from former Boca and Independent player, Juan Manuel Martinez.

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El Burrito, a champion with Vélez, also expressed his support for the libertarian candidate and his stance on social rights. In his first message after the results were confirmed, he wrote: “Vamos Argentina” (Let’s go Argentina). A few minutes later, he continued: “Congratulations, Javier Milei”.

A few hours earlier, Martinez had doubted the victory of his own candidate, stating: “I have no doubt that Massa won”. However, he quickly changed his tune when Máximo Kirchner accepted defeat, accusing him of electoral fraud.

At the age of over 36, El Burrito had retired from professional football after a disappointing stint in the Primera Nacional, where he failed to showcase his skills at Almagro and Almirante Brown.

El Burrito Martínez Congratulates Javier Milei. (Photo: Twitter: @BurriMartinez07)

Lisandro Magallán Shows Support for Javier Milei

Lisandro Magallán, the defender of the Pumas of the UNAM and former player of Boca and Ajax, also voiced his support for the future president of Argentina. He shared white and sky-blue banners with the word “libertad” (freedom) on his Instagram stories.

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Furthermore, he celebrated the libertarian’s victory by exclaiming, “Viva Argentina, carajo” (Long live Argentina, damn it).

Lisandro Magallán Supports Javier Milei. (Photo: Instagram @licha.magallan)


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  1. “Congratulations to Javier Milei on securing the presidency with the support of sporting figures! It’s refreshing to see new leadership emerge, and I hope this collaboration brings positive change to Argentina.”

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