Jaime Lozano’s Plans for Quiñones: Beyond the Honduras Performance

Jaime Lozano
Not only did he show it against Honduras, what Jaime Lozano would do now with Quiñones

The Mexican National Team didn’t deliver their best performance against Honduras. Amidst the challenges faced in Catracha lands, Julian Quiñones’ debut went relatively unnoticed. James Lush, a commentator, highlighted the limited impact made by the Colombian player during his 20 minutes on the field.

However, what remains to be seen is the role that Quiñones will play under the guidance of coach Jaime Lozano. In a press conference, Lozano clarified that he doesn’t see Quiñones as a fixed number 9. In fact, during his debut, Quiñones was positioned as a midfielder alongside Eric Sanchez. This position didn’t allow either Sanchez or Quiñones to showcase their best abilities.

Lozano mentioned that Quiñones has experience playing in various positions, but this versatility might work against him. The coach indicated that the player’s role in the Mexican National Team will vary. This uncertainty surrounding Quiñones’ position could be challenging for him, especially considering the extensive media coverage he has received since joining the team.

Experimenting with Lozano would be a risk for the player himself

Undoubtedly, Quiñones will be eager to prove himself in such a crucial match that determines qualification for the 2024 Copa America. However, it may not be the wisest decision to experiment with his role within the team. It remains to be seen how many minutes and in what capacity the Mexican coach will utilize Quiñones. If the experiment fails to yield positive results, the player could face the consequences.

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  1. Jaime Lozano’s vision for Quiñones encompasses more than just a stellar performance in Honduras. A forward-looking plan includes further honing his skills and maximizing his potential to make a lasting impact on the global soccer stage.

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