Jacetanos triumph in the northern phase of the absolute Spanish Judo Championship

Leonardo Cruz, Jara Checa, and Alba Cajal Shine in the Northern Phase of the National Judo Championship

The northern sector phase of the 2023 Spanish Absolute Judo Championship took place on Saturday in Monzalbarba, where Leonardo Cruz, Jara Checa, and Alba Cajal showcased their skills and secured a place on the podium. These talented athletes had previously qualified for the Aragon Judo Championship held in Jaca a few weeks ago.

Podium for three Jacetanos in the northern phase of the absolute Spanish Judo Championship
Podium for three Jacetanos in the northern phase of the absolute Spanish Judo Championship.


  • Leonardo Cruz Leonarte: Third place in the -73 kilos category
  • Jara Checa Ciprián: Third place in the -63 kilos category
  • Alba Cajal Orós: Third place in the -70 kilos category

Leonardo Cruz and Jara Checa represent the Kanpai club, while Alba Cajal is currently a member of the Binéfar judo club.

It is worth mentioning that on October 28, a total of 178 judokas from various clubs in the community gathered in Jaca for a training stage. The culmination of this event was the Aragon Absolute Judo Championship 2023, where Cruz, Checa, and Cajal already showcased their talent by winning two gold medals and one silver medal respectively.

The Kanpai Judo Club Sports Group, founded on January 1, 1967, in Jaca, aims to promote the practice and teaching of judo and its associated sports. The club currently operates from the Olimpia de Jaca Municipal Sports Center through a collaboration agreement with the Jaca City Council. The club organizes various training programs throughout the school calendar.

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  1. “Congratulations to the Jacetanos for their exceptional performance in the absolute Spanish Judo Championship’s northern phase. Their triumph showcases their dedication, skill, and unwavering commitment to the sport. Bravo!”

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