Island Forward Yeremay Hernández Makes Progress in Recovery Amidst Playful Team Welcome

Island Winger Yeremay Hernández Makes Progress in Recovery

Island winger Yeremay Hernández has returned to training with his teammates and is making significant strides in his recovery from injury.

The rest of the squad warmly welcomed Hernández back with a round of congratulatory slaps on the back.

Coach’s Optimism

Depor coach Imanol Idiakez expressed his optimism during a recent press conference, stating that he anticipated positive developments in the recoveries of both Hernández and Mella this week.

Injury Details

Hernández, who suffered a fissure in the fibula of his right leg on September 2, is steadily recuperating.

Mella, on the other hand, is dealing with an ailment in the rectus femoris of his left leg.

Other Players on the Sidelines

In addition to Hernández and Mella, Pablo Muñoz, Ximo Navarro, and Iván Barbero are still sidelined due to their respective injuries.

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2 Responses

  1. It’s great to see Yeremay Hernández making progress in his recovery! The playful team welcome shows the support and camaraderie amongst his teammates. Wishing him all the best on his journey forward!

  2. Yeremay Hernandez’s recovery progress is truly inspiring! It’s heartwarming to see the team’s playful welcome, which reflects their unwavering support and solidarity. Looking forward to seeing Yeremay back on the field soon!

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