Isaac Cuenca: The Rise, Retirement, and Life After Football

Isaac Cuenca: From Barcelona Star to Early Retirement

By Enrique Corbella | Updated on November 7, 2023 – 10:19 CET

Isaac Cuenca (1991) made his debut at the age of 20 with FC Barcelona under the guidance of Pep Guardiola on October 21, 2011. Known as a street ‘freestyler’ during his childhood, Cuenca quickly gained popularity. Pep Guardiola himself praised Cuenca’s skills, stating that he “makes his colleagues better.”

Why Did Isaac Cuenca Retire at 32?

After a career spanning 12 years, Cuenca decided to hang up his boots prematurely at the age of 32 due to recurring injuries. In an interview with RAC1 in October 2023, he revealed, “I have undergone six knee operations, all of them identical. Despite my efforts to recover and return to the field, the sixth operation was extremely challenging. I endured a lot of pain and decided it was enough.”

Isaac Cuenca: “My priority is to play in Spain, not to have a high salary”

Isaac Cuenca Reflects on His New Life

In an interview with ARA newspaper, Isaac Cuenca opened up about his football journey, playing for various clubs such as Sabadell, Barcelona B, Barcelona, Ajax, Deportivo de la Corua, Bursaspor, Granada, Hapoel Be’er Sheva, Sagan Tosu, and Vegalta Sendai.

The forward from Reus, who admits that “football destroyed me,” also acknowledges his rebirth. He states, “The most important lesson football taught me is that things don’t always go as planned. There will always be someone better than you, and injuries can change everything. It has taken me to unexpected places, and now I find myself retired at the age of 30.”

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“Of course, I miss football, but the physical pain was unbearable. I had to prioritize having a normal life,” Cuenca shared in his interview with ARA.

Isaac Cuenca at ARA

Reflecting on his retirement, Cuenca adds, “I won’t even be able to compete in the Kings League.”

Isaac Cuenca Reminisces About His Time at Barcelona

Recalling his experience at Barcelona under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, Cuenca says, “Coming from Sabadell, I tried to savor every moment on the well-cut grass, the trips, and the stadiums. But deep down, I was overwhelmed.”

Isaac Cuenca’s Reality After Leaving Barcelona

Discussing life after leaving Barcelona, Cuenca reveals the challenges he faced. “You are young, and suddenly you have to leave your comfort zone. You have money and can buy whatever you want, but you also have a lot of free time after morning training. And what happens? Well, you feel alone. Money doesn’t prevent loneliness,” he shares.

Isaac Cuenca: The Footballer Turned Investor and Entrepreneur

Cuenca delved into the world of investments and business after retiring from football. He shares, “I learned about the stock market, made some successful investments, and even read some books on the subject. I want to give back to football what it didn’t give me.”

“Football and elite sports generate immense wealth, yet we still rely on outdated methods like ice for healing and injury prevention,” Cuenca emphasizes.

Isaac Cuenca at ARA

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  1. “Isaac Cuenca’s incredible rise to football fame is one for the books. While his retirement may have come unexpectedly, it’s refreshing to see him embracing life beyond the field, showing that there’s more to life than just sports. Here’s to supporting his new endeavors outside of football!”

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