Interview with Alejandro Grimaldo: Shining in Bayer Leverkusen under Xabi Alonso

Alejandro Grimaldo: Shining at Bayer Leverkusen

Alejandro Grimaldo, born in Valencia in 1995, is currently excelling at Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen. In an exclusive interview with MARCA, the Spanish full-back, with the assistance of IAM Sports, a communications agency led by Ricardo Botello, discusses his success. Grimaldo’s impressive numbers, including seven goals and five assists, have also earned him a place in the National Team.

Adapting to Leverkusen

Question: After spending seven years at Benfica, how do you feel about your move to Leverkusen?

Answer: I believe I am currently experiencing the best moment of my career. I feel extremely satisfied and have seamlessly adapted to both the Bundesliga and Bayer. I am thrilled with the progress I have made and how things are going for me.

Scoring Goals and Taking Fouls

Question: With five goals, you are currently the top-scoring defender in major leagues. What does this achievement mean to you?

Answer: This statistic reflects the confidence I have in myself. I feel comfortable and have fully embraced the team’s style of play. Both physically and mentally, I am in great shape. I have gained maturity on the field, which allows me to excel in crucial moments and have more opportunities to score. Experience plays a vital role in knowing when to make the right moves.

Question: You have also showcased your skills in taking free kicks, scoring two goals. Is this something you practice extensively?

Answer: I have dedicated many years to training free kicks, making it one of my specialties. It is a crucial aspect of the game as dead ball situations can change the course of a match.

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The Influence of Xabi Alonso

Question: How has Xabi Alonso contributed to your development as a player?

Answer: Having a coach of Xabi’s caliber has undoubtedly helped me improve every day. He provides valuable guidance and communicates effectively with both me and the team. Alonso possesses the ability to strategically position players and enhance their strengths. He understands my capabilities and encourages me to maximize them.

“I may be in the best moment of my career, I have adapted well.”

– Alejandro Grimaldo, Leverkusen full-back

Playing Style and Ambitions

Question: Do you see yourself playing as a winger, despite being a full-back?

Answer: No, I believe my strengths lie in starting from behind and moving inward, becoming an integral part of the midfield and understanding the game. Alonso recognizes this and has emphasized it, allowing us to gain superiority on the field.

Question: You had several offers before joining Leverkusen. How influential was Xabi Alonso in your decision?

Answer: It was not an easy decision to make. With the expiration of my contract at Benfica, I had numerous options. However, Xabi played a crucial role, and both he and Bayer showed great confidence in me. The project at Leverkusen is incredibly promising, and I am certain that I made the right choice.

Xabi Alonso: A Passionate Coach

Question: What stands out about Xabi Alonso as a coach?

Answer: Xabi possesses an immense passion for the game. Every training session and detail holds great significance for him. Moreover, he effectively communicates his ideas, ensuring that players fully comprehend his vision and instilling confidence in them. This is crucial for players to understand their roles and perform with freedom and composure.

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Question: Is it true that Alonso still outperforms you in training when it comes to taking fouls?

Answer: It’s quite remarkable! He is still in top form and possesses incredible skills. We often joke that he could still be a starter. His shooting ability is one of the best I have witnessed, and he continues to maintain his quality. He enjoys training with us and lives and breathes the game.

“Winning the Bundesliga against Bayern, I don’t know if it’s a miracle but it is a challenge.”

– Alejandro Grimaldo, Leverkusen full-back

Ambitious Goals and Recognition

Question: Leverkusen is currently leading the Bundesliga with an impressive record. Do you believe winning the league against Bayern is a miracle?

Answer: While I cannot say it is a miracle, it is undoubtedly a significant challenge that we are eager to embrace. We acknowledge that Bayern is the favorite, boasting exceptional players and having won the last 11 Bundesliga titles. However, we are here to compete against them. We must not burden ourselves with thoughts of winning the league prematurely. Instead, we focus on enjoying our game and accumulating points to keep our dreams alive.

Question: How do people in Germany perceive Leverkusen’s chances of winning the Bundesliga?

Answer: Bayern Munich is undoubtedly the benchmark and one of the world’s biggest clubs. However, we are performing exceptionally well. We have a strong team, an excellent coach, and all the necessary components to have a successful campaign in both the league and Europe.

Recognition and Future Plans

Question: Thanks to your performances, as well as the presence of Alonso and CEO Fernando Carro, Leverkusen has gained significant attention in Spain. Do you feel this recognition?

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Answer: Xabi Alonso is a respected figure in Spanish and global football. It is essential for us to be recognized in Spain, as Bayer Leverkusen showcases an enjoyable and attractive style of play. We have been performing exceptionally well, and Alonso’s presence is undoubtedly a key factor in our success.

Question: There are rumors linking Alonso to Real Madrid. How do you perceive his future?

Answer: Rumors are always present, but I am confident that Xabi is solely focused on our upcoming game. He is an exceptional coach with limitless potential, and he will undoubtedly leave his mark on the sidelines. He will make his decisions in due course, but for now, his attention is solely on this season.

“Xabi Alonso is going to make a difference on the bench, he is a top coach”

– Alejandro Grimaldo, Leverkusen full-back

Impressive Teammates and National Team Aspirations

Question: Among your teammates, who has impressed

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