Intense Clásico Paisa: Independiente Medellín defeats Atlético Nacional 2-0 in controversial match

Independent Medellin and Atlético Nacional: A Clash of Emotions and Controversies

The quarterfinals of La Liga Betplay witnessed an intense showdown between Medellin and Atlético Nacional, filled with both excitement and controversies.

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A Motivated ‘Poderoso’ Faces a Challenging Journey

The ‘Poderoso’ team embarked on a significant journey as they visited the Americas of Cali, aiming to secure a spot in the old part of group B. However, their dreams were shattered when they suffered a defeat against Millonarios in their own home. Therefore, winning the upcoming match on Sunday became crucial for their advancement.

A Classic Game Cut Short

The highly anticipated classic game ended abruptly within just 45 minutes, with DIM emerging victorious with a 2-0 lead and an additional player advantage. The first goal came in the 7th minute through an own goal by Sergio Mosquera, followed by Brayan León’s strike in the 27th minute.

The Controversial Expulsion of Dorlan Pabón

The most controversial moment of the match was the expulsion of Dorlan Pabón, which further complicated Atlético Nacional’s chances. Pabón was sent off in the 23rd minute after VAR intervened and penalized him for a foul committed against a DIM player.

A Heated Exchange

As the penalty was about to be taken, Pabón engaged in a heated exchange with his teammates, directing his frustration towards the referee. Although the exact words spoken by Pabón remain unclear, it was enough for the referee, Wilmar Roldán, to take immediate action and show him the red card, stating, “You know what you said.”

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Jefferson Duque Takes Over as Captain

Following the incident, Dorlan Pabón left the field without further protest, leaving the captain’s armband in the hands of Jefferson Duque.

The Video of Dorlan’s Exchange with Roldán


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  1. Impressive victory by Independiente Medellín, but the controversial elements in this intense Clásico Paisa are concerning. Exciting football, but fair play should always be prioritized.

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